The Generous Spirit

From: New World Wisdom, Book Three, by Lori Toye

In 2010 I received a phone call from an I AM America student who had recently started an Ascended Master study group in the Golden City of Malton. Elaine Cardall and I immediately clicked. We both shared a deep love of the Ascended Masters and their teachings, the sacred energies of a Golden City, the solitude and beauty of nature, and the same birthday—although we were born a decade apart. Our monthly calls continued and I revealed study tips and offered casual mentoring. In one of these calls in late 2011, I mentioned that I had at my fingertips a complete archive of information where I could research some of her questions. Elaine was intrigued, “You know . . .” her voice broke and I detected a hint of emotion, even shyness, “I can help you with this material, that is, if you need me.” And she immediately added, “I would like to be of service.”

I excitedly shared with her my vision for the material, that included an introductory series of books based on never before published transcripts that dated back to my beginning days and dozens of transcribed lessons that could be organized into four more books for the Golden City Series, plus a final book describing a form of Kriya Yoga—breathwork—that prepares the human energy system for Ascension. “Can you send all of it to me?” Elaine politely asked after my lengthy explanation. “Of course,” I responded and in the next hour I drove to our local Wal-Mart, purchased a thumb drive, copied all the files, and mailed it to her the next day.

I patiently waited for her call that came about a week later. “It’s absolutely amazing,” she exclaimed as we spoke. She confirmed what I had known for years: “This is a complete body of information from the Ascended Masters . . . but I’m a bit uncertain just where to start.” Undoubtedly these were teachings for a disciplined student—a true chela. And the Earth Changes Prophecies that originally played a central role with the Earth Changes Maps, in reality, only comprised a small amount of the teaching that contained detailed information on Ascension, the role of the Golden Cities, the Seven Rays of Light and Sound, energy fields and the human aura, health and healing, personal growth and transformation, decree and meditation, and literally hundreds of spiritual techniques. The I AM America Archive contained the complete teachings of a mystery school. Now, unquestionably, the task before us was how to properly organize and present this unique information.

I suggested that we first arrange the material by date, a method that in the past had worked well for me. We agreed to begin our work on the first book of the introductory teachings, “A Teacher Appears.”

Several days later I received an email from Elaine titled “First Impressions.” Here are some excerpts:

“I was very excited to see that there were 51 transmissions. I am so thoroughly embedded now with the 51 Vortices that, though late at night, I had to read through the first seventeen. I love numbers and geometric shapes and the magic of underlying structures . . . I am already feeling an emerging rhythm.”

Regarding the channelings, she wrote:

“I will underline the first wave (for me) of magical information (as if I were teaching a class) and write down my questions about what I cannot decipher in the presentation and things which I cannot grasp. I will try to work with those concepts at a few different levels before forming questions for you.”

Certainly some of the information was challenging and presented many new ideas and scientific concepts neither of us had ever been exposed to in our spiritual journeys. Between the two of us, we had over sixty years of intense spiritual experience. Like me, Elaine had started early with the inner journey, retreating to live alone in a mountain cabin in her twenties, after the untimely death of her mother. Her father had been tragically killed when she was a young girl, but her work ethic and sharp intellect led her to an Ivy League education at Brown University, where she obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology. “I’ve done a little bit of everything,” Elaine humbly chuckled. “I’ve been a secretary; I’ve waitressed . . . right now I’m a caregiver, and have done this for several years.” This practical and thorough side of her nature securely anchored her consciousness as she would spend several hours each day conversing with Master Teachers and traveling in her light bodies to various Golden Cities. In fact, her ability to contact these sublime teachers and levels of consciousness would prove invaluable to our work together, especially as we began the painstaking structural edit of the transcripts.

We organized and arranged the transcripts into eleven titles. This would include the three new introductory books of the I AM America Trilogy, four new books that would complete the seven books of the Golden Cities Series. This left one important, remaining question: what should we do with the New World Atlas Series?

First, I wanted to remove the black and white maps. Since print-on-demand now offered color printing at reasonable rates, the idea was to print a separate atlas of all of the I AM America Maps. This would allow the addition of the individual maps from the 6-Map Scenario and the Golden City Map. Also, after examining the material, we discovered that only about one-half of the pages were dedicated to Earth Changes information. The other half comprised New World Teachings such as the Twelve Jurisdictions, the New Endeavor, the Christ Body, Shamballa, Anugram, Courage to Heal, and Master K. H.’s teachings on the Seven Rays. Elaine wrote:

“I find the need for the Prophecy Teachings to be together with the New World Teachings to reiterate the importance of global consciousness and choice. Each part of the world has a message that impacts our own inner changes. As I see the sequence of the three maps, this is the essential trinity for the planetary Ascension and should not be overlooked.”

I wholeheartedly agreed. Originally we thought about publishing the former series in two large volumes, but this would require a large format that was a bit cumbersome. We would add the transcripts for the 6-Map Scenario and a never published two-part session that focused on Earth Changes updates with a focus on global warming and climate change. Plus, I had recently discovered about a dozen cassette tapes of recorded sessions that had never been transcribed, and if pertinent, we would add this information, too.

So I spent time perusing bookstores getting ideas and designed a cover idea and sent it to Elaine for her input. She called within minutes after receiving the graphic. “I love the new title for the series,” she exclaimed. I responded, “Yes, it seems to fit the material best, since this is spiritual wisdom for the New Times.” And we agreed there would be three books total for the New World Wisdom Series, and another separate title, the I AM America Atlas, for the full-color map collection.

It took about a full year in our schedule to revisit this series, and each teaching, each phrase, and sometimes each word became filled with vibrant new meaning and nuance. It appeared as if the revised manuscript was alive and it would subtly recalibrate our consciousness to inspire the next level of spiritual growth. I mentioned this to Elaine, and she commented that she considered the book a sacred text. We also noted that the Wisdom Series was filled with the energy of every Ascended Master and reading its teachings instantly evoked their guiding presence or crucial overshadowing. Elaine described this process in an email:

“Upon returning to the material and pressing onward, I began receiving it from a different point of view. There was a swift upturning of energies and a sensing that our beloved Saint Germain, in a fatherly fashion, had actually taken my hand and pulled me through a misalignment.”

And in several days, she added this:

“I am lit up. I am blessed and I am feeling his (Sananda’s) love more and more. He comes through when I am doing this work. And Saint Germain has been there for me often as well.”

As Elaine completed her finishing touches on the manuscripts, I explored the design of the books. I wanted the typography simple, and purposely set the text with a large amount of space that would immediately rest and relax the reader to provoke a state of reception and contemplation. I wrote new subtitles for the text so that crucial topics would be immediately identified and not missed.

When the first book was complete, I pressed three copies. One for me, one for Len, and I mailed Elaine the third copy.

About four weeks later, I received her comments:

“This book is a rhapsody, a dazzling emanation for all of time, and so are you! Its scope is truly incredible, a veritable roadmap for entering into the Golden Age.”

Then I read her criticism voicing concerns about the preface. This was totally unlike Elaine, so I gave her a quick call. “I don’t want you to make any apologies to the reader,” she stated, “I want you to move enthusiastically into the book.”

For a brief moment, I could not respond. For several years now, the two of us had been joined together on a remarkable spiritual voyage through the crafting of these transcripts into books. And for the most part, the waters had been calm and the wind blew at a comfortable pace. Unlike Elaine, I had endured many years of working with the public and understood the skeptics and those who might be uncertain regarding this type information, even a few lightworkers that believed the prophecies had been transmuted! I purposely wanted the piece to address doubts. And I also knew something else was bothering her, so I asked. She immediately responded, “How about if I write a small, two page introduction? I agreed, and without asking any further questions, got to work adjusting the pagination of the front matter to accommodate her opening words.

At the time I thought she had an emotional need to say something about her participation in the publication of this series. For some writers, publishing a book is like giving birth to a child, and from this viewpoint we were finally sending our triplets off to college; however now I know that is likely not the entire reason. What Elaine did not tell me, or for that matter, could not tell me was that she would soon transition from this physical plane. Elaine’s health had been challenged for several years and she had successfully balanced her spirit, mind, and body with a deep, holistic healing based on her intimate relationship with spiritual principles. Her Higher Self likely understood what we could not in that moment. This important introduction to the New World Wisdom Series would be her last written contribution to the I AM America Teachings that had filled both of our lives with wonder, excitement, curiosity, and above all, love and enduring friendship.

I now treasure this introduction as one of my last memories of our work together, at least in this plane. During this time, which was almost six years, we processed eleven books of I AM America Teachings. Six of these books have been released in the last three years, including the I AM America Trilogy and the New World Wisdom Series. The remaining five will be published soon.

A close friend who had known Elaine for over twenty years called and was not surprised to learn how much work we had accomplished in such a short time. She told me that she had never known anyone who worked harder than Elaine, and then paraphrased a saying most of us have read before: “In the end, it’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.”

In our short time together, Elaine and I filled our days with the joy of our work and service, and a profound comradery and unity that comes through sharing a commitment to a higher purpose. I know with certainty that Elaine Cardall’s loving contribution to this work will be appreciated and cherished for many, many years to come.

Lori Toye


White Fire Mother Earth, Resurrecting Light.

White Fire in us all, Freedom is our right.

Burning bright through the night,

Perfecting our Christ Light.

Being ONE holds our sight

As Freedom’s taking flight.

White Fire Mother, Resurrecting might,

White Fire, all as ONE, Blessed starry Light.

Freedom makes things right!”


by Elaine Cardall, 1945-2016

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