Golden City Series

Golden City and Golden Cities Series; Earth Changes Map prophecy by Lori Toye, I AM America

Golden Cities assist humanity at this important time through the Western Shamballa Tradition, and each Vortex (there are 51 total) steps-down transcendent energies of the ethereal kingdom throughout Earth during the chaotic “Time of Change.”

No doubt, we are living in the tumultuous “Time of Change,” defined as a period in Earth’s history when possible geologic upheaval and climatic change occurs alongside a cultural and societal transformation of our global economies, politics, and lifestyles. Our personal shift into the New Times also ushers in a “New way of thinking and BE-ing,” and this advances and transforms our personal and collective perceptions and beliefs, and prepares our consciousness for spiritual transcendence – the Ascension Process.

The New Times promise the birth of a Golden Age, and a new global spirituality lights the path for Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Nature Devas to carefully and lovingly assist our birth into new levels of spiritual consciousness and sensitivity to new dimensions, the opening of feminine energies, and receptivity to the physical and spiritual appearance of the Golden Cities.

The “Golden City Series” introduces this unique geophysical matrix of spiritual havens and their secret teachings, once only reserved for “Divine Beings.” If you are interested in spiritual preparedness, spiritual growth and development, Ascension, or contemporary Ascended Master teachings, the “Golden City Series” is filled with the esoteric wisdom and metaphysical wonder purposely designed to initiate your consciousness towards the next vital step.

The “Golden City Series” contains seven volumes of spiritual teachings and intimate essays and lectures alongside in-depth research. Currently there are three books available, and the fourth book, “Sacred Energies of the Golden Cities,” will be published in late 2017.


Book One: “Points of Perception: Prophecies and Teachings of Saint Germain”


In this time of massive upheaval and transition—through weather and Earth Changes, with governments crashing and new ones being born—is it possible that the words from Genesis, “And it was very good” still apply? Yes, says Saint Germain, an Ascended Master channeled by a gentle and amazing prophet named Lori Toye. Yes!


Learn why what appears to be chaos is actually the beginning of a new harmony and why disasters are necessary. Learn how devastation is an invitation to humanity’s new life of love and service. It augurs a time to release guilt and enter into an evolution of consciousness and new creation and new levels of life itself. Learn about Golden Cities—real places with a pivotal role in the prophesied Time of Change.


For people who are new to New Consciousness thinking as well as people who have been studying metaphysics for years, the teachings in Points of Perception offer personal instruction.


Included in the book are a detailed glossary and appendices featuring contemporary terms, language, and definitions for those who are interested in non-biblical prophecy, the upcoming changes, the New Times, and self-mastery alongside the Ascension Process.

Points of Perception, Prophecies and Teachings of Saint Germain, by Lori Toye, I AM America

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Points of Perception, Prophecies and Teachings of Saint Germain, by Lori Toye, I AM America

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Book Two: “Light of Awakening: Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters”


In the year 2000, our planet was flooded by light—albeit extrasensory light that you may or may not believe was sensed by extra-sensed people, one of whom is prophet, channel, and author Lori Toye. What cannot be disputed is that there have since been massive disruptions of the social, political, and economic systems that continue today. According to leading scientists, our Earth is experiencing climatic and extreme weather events, geologic change, severe damaging earthquakes, comet and asteroid sightings, and continuous magnetic pole shift—Earth Changes.


The same scientists, analysts, economists, and spiritual leaders agree that more drastic change is approaching. In Light of Awakening, Lori Toye, channeling wisdom from Ascended Masters, chronicles the critical passage of humanity’s evolution into the New Times—a time that is aligned with the hope of Unana (Unity Consciousness) alongside polarizing wars and worldwide economic calamity. Spiritual teachers claim this prophesied period of large-scale difficulty is reference to the return of Christ as the Christ Consciousness. This second volume of the Golden City Series reveals the spiritual lineage that predates Christianity through the Egyptian King Akhenaton (1388 BC) and his association to the Mayan Christ figure, Quetzalcoatl.


Through Toye, the Master Teachers describe prehistoric cataclysms which shaped contemporary occult schools and their spiritual traditions. They connected prophesied Golden Cities to Shamballa, the fabled city of Buddhist lore, which lights the New Grid of Earth. Learn how these sanctuaries expand our psychic energy and increase spiritual awareness to enable us to transcend the destructive End Times.


The steady radiance of Love, Wisdom, and Power that twinkles, glows, flames, and blazes throughout Ascended Master Teaching is known as the classic Seven Rays of Light and Sound. The teachings in this book begin with the metaphoric flicker of the light of a single candle, and end in the brilliant luminosity of a thousand suns: the Light of Awakening.


Light of Awakening, Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters, by Lori Toye, I AM America

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Light of Awakening, Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters, by Lori Toye, I AM America NEW! Updated Edition

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Book Three: “Divine Destiny: Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters”


Have you ever wondered about Atlantis, or the lost continent of Mu, or the lands of Lemuria? What united the ancient people of Earth, and what led them into terrible, divisive wars that depleted their economies and inevitably led to their demise? Divine Destiny presents the lands of our myths and legends, with the geologic science that corroborates the prophecies and spiritual teachings of the Ascended Masters.


Lori Toye is best known for the I AM America Maps of Earth Changes, however, in 1999 she was contacted by Lord Macaw—an ancient tribal leader within the Toltec nation of Ameru—and given a compelling map of Ancient Earth: The Map of the Ancients. The map depicts another time on Earth, when men were spiritually realized as divine beings (the HU-man) through the Quetzalcoatl (Christ) energies, and the great kingdoms of Rama, Mu, and Lemuria flourished.


Divine Destiny shares spiritual teachings from Lemuria that are grounded in the foundational teachings of the lost Thirteenth School and the Right-Hand Path (the right use of energies), and their traditions and spiritual wisdom which were re-established in the New World after worldwide cataclysmic Earth Change.


Divine Destiny assists humanity’s passage through 2012 and the critical years ahead, with important insight regarding humanity’s upcoming shift in consciousness. This book—the third volume of the Golden Cities Series—continues the vital instruction regarding the use of the Golden Cities (the prophesied New Jerusalem) and their role in achieving spiritual initiation through the Ascension Process.

Divine Destiny, Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters, by Lori Toye, I AM America

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Divine Destiny, Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters, by Lori Toye, I AM America

 NEW! Updated Edition

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Book Four: “Sacred Energies of the Golden Cities: Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters”Coming Soon in 2017!  sacred_energies_sm
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