How to Study the I AM America Material

The Topics of the I AM America Material
Throughout the years of working with and applying the spiritual teachings and disciplines of the I AM America Material, we have noticed that the information can be categorically divided into several different topics. They are:

1) Earth Changes Prophecies
2) Spiritual Growth and Development
3) The Golden Cities
4) The Golden Age
5) Health and Healing
6) The Seven Rays of Light and Sound

The Teacher-Student Relationship
All of the information that is given characterizes the relationship of teacher to student. Much of the information that is shared reflects the careful training of the Master Teacher guiding and instructing the student. Many of these sessions share spiritual practices and techniques, co-creation principles, and the correct application of the Violet Flame. Often the Master Teachers will share information that is universal in application and purpose. This is referred to as “World-work” and contains important information on the GoldenCities, World Events, and Golden Age. Interestingly, the I AM America Prophecy Maps are based on information that was provided to help all of humanity. Often the Master Teachers refer to this “World-work” to be “Sent to the Earth with Love.”

The Violet Flame
The Master Teacher Saint Germain’s most important teaching is the Violet Flame and it is often referred to in the I AM America material. The Violet Flame is an unending energy that anyone can access to instigate personal healing and transformation of situations, circumstances, and karmic obstacles to forgiveness and developing higher levels of mercy and compassion. This spiritual growth and evolution promotes states of detachment from worldly illusions that cause pain and suffering. While it focuses its healing energy at a spiritual level, it is also seen as a physical, tangible light frequency that surrounds the student who uses it. A pronounced attribute of the Violet Flame is alchemy, and it is a scientific fact that violet light has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. Because of this, the Violet Flame induces a point of transition to the next octave of light.

The Oral Tradition
The Ascended Master teaching tradition embraces the oral tradition. That is, all lessons are given in the spoken word only, and the student is encouraged to memorize all information presented. According to the Master Teachers, the spoken word contains a higher energy and vibration than written language, and when correctly understood and applied, can rapidly advance the student in spiritual understanding and growth of consciousness. For more information go to Oral Tradition.

Divinity and Personal Experience
The Master Teachers constantly remind us that, “Divinity is in all things,” and all of their oral teachings recognize and acknowledge this important principle. Every Master Teacher approaches us with the vital question, “Do I have permission to come forward?” or “Do I have permission to enter your energy field?” A Master Teacher will not or cannot interfere with our karmic path, nor will they tell us “what” to do. Instead, understanding our inherent divinity—which they state is undeniably equal to theirs – all help, guidance, and assistance is given through the instruction of the Laws of Creation. It is then our choice as students, or chelas, to apply this information and take it into the “Laboratory of Self.”

The Concept of Time
In the study and application of all channeled works, it is important to understand that time is perceived very differently from our present Earthly understanding of this concept. According to the Ascended Master tradition, spiritual development and consciousness are not bound by the duality inherent in our sense of time – past or present, before or after, etc. But it is interesting to note that when the Masters do refer to time, it is mentioned in a context to catalog experience or to measure an element of change. So forget the question, “Can you give me a date when this will happen?” An answer to that question – even when a Master offers a response – is rarely or ever accurate in our terms.

I AM Decrees
Almost 90 percent of the I AM America trance missions are spiritual teachings that focus upon the empowerment of the Mighty I AM through alchemical statements that are known as decrees. A decree is a group of words, much like a mantra, given by a Master Teacher for you to repeat exactly as it is given. Often the decree is given to assist the student, or chela, to overcome an obstacle or problem, or to create and/or enhance a more perfect state of circumstance and consciousness. Saint Germain often says, “Decree a thing unto yourself and it comes forward in two manifestations! Consciousness creates! Seek the perfection first in your intent and bring it forth through the spoken word. For the Word is the Action that moves.” Decrees can be spoken with force, once or rhythmically repeated, softly stated in prayer, and used silently in meditation.

The Giving of Laws
As your study of the I AM America material deepens and expands, you will begin to notice that the Laws of Creation as given through the Ascended Master tradition are divided into several distinct categories. They are:

1. The Twelve Jurisdictions – Laws for the New Times
2. Violet Flame Decrees (for personal and planetary transformation)
3. The Co-Creation Process
4. Hermetic Laws or Natural Law
5. Laws of Ascended Master Tradition
6. Laws of Self-Mastery
7. The Ascension Process

If this is your first introduction to channeled works, we suggest that you read this I AM America E-Lesson: The Art Of Channeling

If you would like to begin your personal study of the I AM America Material, please go to the I AM America Bookstore.

Please feel free to call the I AM America office if you have any questions, (928) 978-6435. For additional study see Recommended Reading.

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