Who is Lori Toye?

Lori Toye, creator of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps





Lori Toye, founder of I AM America, the publishers of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Ascended Master Teaching, I AM America

Author and mystic Lori Toye has written twelve books dealing with geographic changes in the Earth and how we can respond to these changes to create peace and harmony and advance our own spiritual growth and self-development. “This is our role now, to create and prepare for the Golden Age.” Toye says


Topics include The Ever Present Now, a useful chronicle of more than 20 years of articles and information compiled from her own web sites and other scientific articles in an easy to understand format. The I AM America Trilogy takes us back to the beginning of her experiences with her spiritual teachers and includes insights that have never been disclosed in any previous books or writings. This series is a rich tapestry of spiritual techniques and universal wisdom alongside Toye’s life-changing spiritual journey.


Toye also created the first Earth Changes Map in 1989 delineating future changes to the Earth’s geography, as well as a new map to be released shortly, showing the progression of changes, which created the Earth, as we know it today.


“Nothing is static, everything is always changing,” according to Toye. The way we embrace the changes is of vital importance. To live in peace and harmony and experience personal growth and self-development is the aim of her work. Lori lives her calling and has fostered study groups that embrace the work she has published and taught in The School of Four Pillars developed by Lori and her husband Lenard which is aligned with the four pillars of science, philosophy, religion and art, espoused by Sir Francis Bacon, English scientist, statesman and author of the 16th century.


Originally published more than 20 years ago before public awareness of the serious environmental issues of Global Warming and Climate Change, Lori has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, London’s Carlton Television, The Washington Post and the New York Times.


In 2016 she released Fields of Light, the last book in an autobiographical trilogy that includes A Teacher Appears and Sisters of the Flame. Fields of Light explains how to integrate and Master our spiritual light through the soul-transcending teachings of Ascension.  These works are personal and tell the story of an incredible spiritual journey from her simple beginnings as an Idaho farm wife and member of the Lutheran church to the respected mystic she is today.


She lives in Arizona with her husband and spiritual partner, Lenard Toye and together they are preparing to build a Golden City community, a place for spiritual development and safety in times of great Earth Changes.


Her work is available on Amazon as audio and e-books as well as in paperback from the I AM America Store.

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