Map of the Ancients

Map of the Ancients_1Full-color Map Included in the new I AM America Atlas. The Map of the Ancients is a presentation of psychic paleo-geology (Ancient Earth) depicted from information published in “Divine Destiny” by Lori Adaile Toye. The “I AM America Map of the Ancients” depicts the ancient lands of Rama, Brihaspati, Mu, Lemuria, Ameru, and Atlantis. The lands of myths and legends are known by the Spiritual Teachers of the I AM America Teachings as the “Map of the Ancients,” and is a teaching that shows how the Earth looked in other epochs. This depiction is estimated to be approximately 65 MYA. (Million Years Ago) This profound teaching of ancient geology also depicts the genesis of Earth’s civilizations through the esoteric and spiritual teachings of the Seven Rays of Light and Sound, and this historical and ongoing influence affects our modern-day Earth.

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