New World Wisdom Series

New World Wisdom Series by Lori Toye

New World Wisdom Series by Lori Toye

We have entered the turbulent “Time of Change” prophesied by the Master Teachers long before there was public awareness of Global Warming and its effect on our climate. This chaotic period which causes intense changes and the many publicized natural disasters can be considered the “New Normal.” How do we survive these drastic changes and flourish in such an unpredictable time? The answers we seek are contained in the “New World Wisdom Series,” that will also assist our spiritual awakening and transformation into the “New Times.”

Learn about the I AM America and Freedom Star Earth Changes Maps – given by the Spiritual Teachers to help guide and shift the collective consciousness as humanity’s future tilts on the precipice of global change. More importantly, learn what you can personally do to accelerate your spiritual development and discover your important role that helps to shape our future world – socially, culturally, and politically.

The New World Wisdom Series offers three books of teachings designed to elevate and evolve human consciousness into the HU-man – the self-realized God Man and Co-creator. Each book introduces the locations and purposes of the Golden Cities, a matrix of spiritual havens prophesied to manifest in fifty-one locations across the globe. This planetary grid helps to shape and calibrate humanity’s spiritual growth and development as we enter a prophesied time of light and peace after drastic changes on Earth – the Golden Age.

More importantly, the New World Wisdom Series reveals a new philosophic way of thinking and “BE-ing.” This involves the engagement of spiritual transcendence taught by the Spiritual Teachers as the Ascension Process. As we skillfully engage the practices of spiritual liberation, we evolve and change the world around us – hence, “A Change of Heart can Change the World.”


New World Wisdom, I AM America:
Teachings from the Ascended Masters
New World Wisdom, Book One focuses on the details of the I AM America Map and its supplementary teachings; however, this map is very different from those you may be familiar with. First published as New World Atlas, Volume One, the narrative begins with an early early-morning metaphysical adventure. Mystic Lori Toye reports, “I had left my body. I entered a room resembling a schoolroom. This room held a large desk and four beings clad in white robes were present. The beings gently guided my attention to a rolled manuscript placed upon the desk. As they unrolled the document, it was an obvious map of the United States; yet this map was noticeably different. The map illustrated major changes of land and water. It displayed new rivers, canyons, and coastlines. Light and radiance exuded from the map and I sensed its content alive with conscious knowledge. More importantly, the map revealed significant geologic changes when compared to our present-day Earth. Clearly, this map was a message.”The first of three books of the New World Wisdom Series is a revised and updated work and came through channeled sessions with Ascended Master Saint Germain. It comprises the most detailed body of Earth Changes Prophecy the Western world had received in recent times, and describes prophecies for the United States Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.More importantly, this book conveys teachings for the New Times regarding the new global, cultural consciousness that transforms into the Christ Consciousness. This information includes many spiritual techniques and inspirational life principles including: “The Law of Attraction and Choice”; “Transmuting Fear into Love”; and, the process of “BE-coming” – a natural spiritual progression which moves us beyond the conventional constraints of duality to full integration with the I AM Presence – the individualized presence of God.The spiritual teachings in this book also focus on the Twelve Jurisdictions, twelve important spiritual laws that help us to individually and collectively move into the New Times, and develop our innate understanding of the Co-creation process.Each spiritual technique and practice shared in this first book of invaluable spiritual wisdom helps to lesson or avert the Earth’s potential for cataclysmic Earth Changes through a collective change in humanity’s heart and mind.
New World Wisdom Book One Features earth changes prophecies for the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America by Lori Toye, I AM America

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I AM America Atlas features all of the I AM America Maps, I AM America Map, Freedom Star Map, 6-Map Scenario, and US Golden Cities Map by Lori Toye, I AM America

The entire New World Wisdom Series is best accompanied by the I AM America Atlas. This full color Atlas contains all of the Maps mentioned throughout the series. Including: I AM America Map, Freedom Star World Map, 6-Map Scenario, and the US Golden City Map!

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New World Wisdom, The Greening Map:
Teachings from the Ascended Masters
“To keep your light hidden at this time is indeed almost a criminal activity,” says the Spiritual Teacher Saint Germain in this channeled book of wisdom, warnings, and prophecies. What are the consequences of choosing ego attractions and aversion over those that come from your heart? Why should we choose heart over ego? How can we tell the difference? Through intimate lectures, Saint Germain, Sananda (Christ), Mother Mary, and Kuan Yin delineate not only the steps to “transfiguration” (when we transform ourselves into beings who function from a place of enlightenment), but they lay out the consequences to Earth and our sensitive environments if we do nothing.In vivid detail, we see a world where land masses have turned into oceans and continents divide. Through Mystic Lori Toye, we hear about a future that has already begun – due to Global Warming and Climatic Change. But what beyond use of fossil fuels causes this future? What thought patterns and consequent actions are directing us to behave as we do? This and more is clarified in this second book of a series of three in the New World Wisdom Series.Book Two of the New World Wisdom Series contains the prophecies for Japan, China, Australia, and India. This new revision also contains updated prophecies for the United States through the 6-Map Scenario – six possible Earth Changes scenarios, based upon the insight of the Spiritual Teachers and Earth’s potential and possibility for catastrophic change predicated through human collective consciousness.Many of these prophecies in this book are taught by Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion. She shares thought-provoking prophecies of change and insight on Free Energy, and how it is applied for healing purposes with the opening of the Feminine. This book is a perfect accompaniment to understand the Freedom Star World Map of Earth Changes and the I AM America 6-Map Scenario.
New World Wisdom, Book Two features earth changes prophecies for Asia including Japan, China, Korea, Russia, and Austrailia, by Lori Toye, I AM America

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New World Wisdom, Map of Exchanges:
Teachings from the Ascended Masters
The final book in the New World Wisdom Series contains the prophecies for Europe and Africa, known as the Map of Exchanges. This book also contains many updated warnings, teachings, and prophecies for the United States and includes new, detailed information regarding Climate Change and Global Warming.The accompanying prophetic messages were received through more than thirty recorded channeled sessions by the husband and wife team of Lenard and Lori Toye. The channeled Earth Changes prophecies are taught by the Master Teachers El Morya, Lady Nada, and Kuthumi.The New Millennium may birth itself with cataclysmic volcanoes and earthquakes – changes resulting in an altogether new geography – but according to the Spiritual Teachers, these Earth Changes are not imminent. Alongside each prophecy of devastation is the spiritual message of choice and consciousness. Within each individual heart lies “the gentle revolution which can redirect the course of such events.” Each prophecy is a warning designed to teach the spiritual and creative force of choice. Each choice you make today will create the world you live in tomorrow. The Time is Now!
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