Prophecies for the I AM America Map

Earth Changes Prophecies: The I AM America Map

Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America – known by the Spiritual Teachers as the “I AM America Map.”


Canada and Alaska

In Alaska, the North Slope melts due to rising seas and global warming. Alaska will also be hit by several tsunamis. Overall, the climate gets warmer in Alaska. When the ice melts, there will be remnants of ancient civilizations that underwent massive earth changes in the past.

The western coastline of Canada will change. In the future, this change will allow for better transportation routes to Alaska.

The Canadian territories of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, and the two Canadian islands of Victoria Island and Baffin Island are prophesied to break into many islands. The western coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia is prophesied to sink, and the Rocky Mountains define its new coastline following the present-day Coast Mountains. Southern Alaska and the city Juneau are also prophesied to sink in this earth change. The Kenai Peninsula meets a similar fate; however, the Alaskan city of Anchorage remains. The Aleutian Islands are prophesied to disappear into the Pacific Ocean. The Yukon Territory loses land on its northern coastline due to global warming. A new bay forms in Alaska and the Yukon Territory and floods the Yukon Flats, leaving the Alaskan town of Fairbanks a seaport town in the New Times. The Province of Alberta remains unscathed during the Earth Changes.

The Saint Lawrence River and gulf are prophesied to widen significantly during the Time of Change leaving the cities of Ottawa, Montréal, and Quebec under water. It is also prophesied that Northern Quebec (Ungava Peninsula) breaks into small islands. Labrador becomes an island. Newfoundland has few changes; however, global warming raises ocean waters, leaving many of its southeast coastal land and towns under water. For more information on Canada and Alaska, see New World Atlas, Volume One.


During the Time of Change and due to global warming, it is prophesied that Earth’s oceans will contain little or no fish; however, the oceans near Greenland will retain remnants of this precious sea life. The lands of Greenland are prophesied to thaw, sizably reducing the island’s size and coastlines.

United States

Every state in the United States will be affected by the changes. The first events start in the year 1992 and will continue for hundreds of years. During 1992, these events took place:

  • A 6.8 earthquake in eastern Turkey killed 500 people
  • One of the most destructive hurricanes ever, Hurricane Andrew, raged through the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana.
  • Hurricane Iniki struck the State of Hawaii Kauai and Oahu.-
  • 1992 Tornado Outbreak: November 21-23, eastern and mid-western US. This outbreak was the largest and longest on record.

All of the four elements will be involved during the changes: fire, water, earth, and air.

Prior to a mega-quake in Oregon, the earth is bombarded by a massive shower of meteorites. These numerous impacts cause an ash cloud to envelope Earth’s atmosphere, and tremendous rainfall. We experience massive flooding all over the world. Rivers, seas, and oceans swell.

The increased water causes increased pressure on fault lines. This leads to massive earthquakes and mega-quakes.

After the strike of an asteroid, there will be many earthquakes in California. This will lead to massive earth movements that inevitably leave most of California under the Pacific Ocean. The Sierra-Nevada Mountains will become islands, and one large island containing the Lake Tahoe area, Yosemite Park, and Sequoia National Park will be formed. A peninsula of land will extend out to Mt.Shasta extending near Crater Lake, Oregon. This peninsula later erodes into a series of islands. Surrounding the largest island that is fashioned from the changes in California – Gibraltar Island – are many smaller islands. These are called “The Pathway Islands” They are very stable geo-physically and will exist for hundreds of years. These islands exist to the north between Gibraltar Island and the Mount Shasta peninsula. The Baja Peninsula slowly erodes into a series of islands which will be known as the “Diamond Islands.”

In the Pacific Northwest, ash from exploding volcanoes will hide the sun for two years. Seattle will be covered by water. A new coastline in the Pacific Northwest covers most of the current state of Washington. This is due to a series of earthquakes and mega-quakes that occur throughout Washington and Oregon. Much of Oregon sinks due to a massive earthquake. The new coastline extends west to La Grande, Oregon, where the Wallowa Mountains become a new chain of islands. The Cascade Range of mountains becomes islands. Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier become islands. During the changes, Oregon becomes engulfed by the Pacific Ocean. This happens in several stages: first, the ocean laps into the Willamette Valley; then the ocean moves east, beyond the Cascade Range; the Wallowa Mountains become the new coastline near La Grande, Oregon. The Blue Mountains and the Wallowa Mountains become chains of islands.

The new Continental Divide of the United States starts near Livingston, Montana, as a new range of mountains, known as The Cooperation Mountains.

The Bay of Harmony, which is formed by the Pacific Ocean covering much of California, Nevada, and the northwestern and western portions of Arizona, is a very shallow bay. It is almost impossible to navigate. The beaches are very gradual and the water is not deep, limiting the ships and boats in this bay. However, the waters of the Bay of Harmony create coastline cities of Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona.

From the Bay of Harmony, a river passage opens to Denver, Colorado. Denver’s proximity to this river passage and the new ocean coastline help it to prosper as a seaport city in the New Times. A new ocean bay will be formed west of Denver, Colorado. Denver will not be affected much by the earth changes; however it will feel tremendous earthquakes. Most of Utah will eventually be under water. The range of mountains – the Wasatch Range – becomes a series of islands that will be renamed “The Tablet Islands.”

The lands in eastern Montana as well as North and South Dakota experience very few changes. A new Continental Divide forms. Starting in central Canada, this range of mountains follows the flow of the River of Cooperation [new Mississippi River], extends into Kansas, as far south to present New Mexico. At the beginning of the mouth of the River of Cooperation, it is almost two miles wide. The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers eventually merge and become one large river, known as the “River of Cooperation.”

The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flood. The Mississippi River will almost cut the nation in two. The Mississippi River forms a large bay covering large portions of Texas. Houston and Corpus Christi are under ocean waters. The newly widened banks of the Mississippi River cause the river to be named “The River of Cooperation.” Because this becomes one of the major sources of fresh water in the nation, this large river becomes a major source of irrigation water in the United States. Areas along the River of Cooperation become the new agricultural areas of the nation. Most of the state of Louisiana becomes a salt-water bay. Baton Rogue is under water, along with New Orleans. Eventually a small island appears near Lafayette, Louisiana, becoming a delta area.

Lake Michigan drains near Chicago, Illinois, further creating a bay in Texas. Lake Michigan drains, and the remaining Great Lakes change and form one large lake – Unity Lake. Chicago will experience tremendous flooding during the changes, due to the drainage of Lake Michigan, but it will survive the changes.

On the east coast of the United States, there will be high winds. Northern portions of Maine will be covered by ice. During the changes Washington, D.C., will experience strong, cold, frigid winds. A large energy vortex currently covers New York City, extending into Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. During the Times of Changes, the energy of this vortex – not a Golden City Vortex – becomes “misplaced.” [During the changes many vortices and lei-lines move and shift, along with “earth changes.” However, this word from the trance-scripts indicates a misuse of energy. Could it be a nuclear disaster?] This causes a constant wind to blow throughout this area, which will become covered by water, and nothing will live there for some time after the major earth changes. Also, no islands will form. This bay will be named, “Reconciliation Bay.”

After the changes, Washington, D.C., will cease to be the capital and political center for the United States. However, for many centuries into the New Times, the symbols that are contained there (i.e., Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, etc.) will be preserved. In the future, many will travel to view the symbols and their historical significance.

In Maine and parts of New England, because of constant thawing and freezing, much of the land erodes. The land and the climate become unstable. There will be an earthquake in either Lake Erie or Lake Ontario. This massive quake will inevitably lead to the sinking of land around Washington, D. C.

The east coast of the United States does not have major earthquakes; however, much of the land breaks up into small islands due to flooding and high winds. In the New Times, the east coast will be peppered with many small islands.

Due to global warming and climate change, the United States will experience the “see-sawing” of the four seasons. Winter can become summer, and spring can immediately become fall. Hurricanes and tornadoes will become common weather anomalies during the Time of Change. For more prophecies and information about Earth Changes Prophecies in the United States see: I AM America Map, 6-Map Scenario, New World Atlas Volume One, and Freedom Star Booklet.

Mexico, Central America, and South America

Massive earthquakes are prophesied to break Mexico’s Baja Peninsula into a series of islands. These same earth movements are prophesied to ripple the entire west coast of South America, causing enormous earth slides of coastal lands into the Pacific Ocean and submerging the Yucatan Peninsula. Several hundred years later, movements of tectonic plates form the Cooperation Mountains. This new range of mountains is prophesied to exist from the United States, through Central America, and extend into South America. Another mountain range is prophesied to rise during the Time of Change, comprising the Yucatan Peninsula, the West Indies, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. This mountainous chain – the Silver Crystal Mountains – will connect Cuba and Venezuela and enclose the Caribbean Sea. The ocean waters of the Caribbean Sea are prophesied to become one of the world’s largest fresh-water seas in the future, and it is surrounded on all sides by this new ring of mountains. Much of the west coast of South America is prophesied to change through volcanic, earthquake, and tsunami activity. Most of Chile is underwater, and Bolivia and Argentina comprise the new western coastline. Lima, Peru, becomes a coastline city. The lands of Patagonia, Argentina, become a free-floating island as the southern tip of South America breaks into islands, with a larger island forming to the north of the Falkland Islands.

The Amazon River basin widens into a large bay, and Colombia has both a west coast that touches the Pacific Ocean and a small east coast, where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean lap. A large bay forms near Rio de Janeiro, however several small islands form near this Brazilian city, known as the Islands of Southern Brazil. For more prophecies and information see New World Atlas, Volume One and Freedom Star World Map.

For more information see: I AM America Map, I AM America 6-Map Scenario, New World Atlas Volume One, Freedom Star Book