A Change of Heart

I AM America Earth Changes Map by Lori Toye; Washington Post quote



THE WEBSITE YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER contains “prophecies,” for lack of a better word, about possible Earth Changes.

These “prophecies” are not carved in stone. While Lori Toye received these transmissions (often referred to as “trance-missions”) under the most unusual of circumstances, she and the I AM America organization recognize that enlightened human consciousness can change future eventualities with directed attention. Free will is truly free will.

The issue at hand, however, is to have all the information available in order to make informed decisions. That is why we regularly include news of the latest scientific findings as they occur and are subsequently written up in various publications from around the world. They are meant to inform you, not conjure up dire scenarios of “the sky is falling.”

Nearly everyone has had the experience of using positive imaging or prayer to make all the difference during a challenging time. The intercession of love and caring can literally shapeshift an event into a new outcome. This is the approach we are advocating. Why? Because it works.

According to the spiritual teachings Lori received, which accompanied these prophecies at the time they were transmitted, an individual’s ability to overcome fear by embracing the positive aspects of change heals the human spirit and creates harmony and cooperation among all people. It was noted that an individual’s own state of awareness, or consciousness, is the determining factor in the final outcome of any situation.

I AM America recognizes that should all of the prophesied Earth Changes occur, there will be a large amount of destruction and human suffering throughout the world, including injury, disease, and death. Any logical person can make that assumption and has no need for a website to point it out.

Our intention is to help shed light on the latest probabilities.

We hope our effort to illuminate events and circumstances as they occur will inspire some of the wonderful “consciousnesses” of those who peruse our pages to create new solutions and become agents of change for our collective good around the world. Our greatest discoveries, whether spiritual or scientific, are made through our intentions to fill a need.

This website is read by people of all faiths, and the worldwide scientific, military, and intelligence community, including NASA.

We don’t get dissenting emails from the scientific community telling us that we’re wrong; neither do we get accusations of making fatalistic doomsday predictions. No one can predict the future, and we won’t. Cataclysmic and earth-shattering events have occurred throughout history, and that timing is always in the hands of the Creator.

We are living in “interesting times” however. As you can see from the information contained herein, some of the prophesied events are now occurring. The wind of change is upon us. We are experiencing “The Times of Changes.”

Lori urges that the most significant action to take is preparation, by looking at the recent courses of events with a fresh perspective and a new eye. But especially important is spiritual preparation: “May our actions be rooted in wisdom; may our love extinguish suffering; and may our hearts enjoin charity and healing for all life on our precious Earth.”

Master K.H. transmitted in the prophecies: “A new cycle awaits humanity. It is a cycle filled with growth, learning, and life. Painfully and lovingly, sometimes, this growth is achieved through disease, poverty, and destruction. However, within your heart lies the gentle revolution that can redirect the course of such events.”

Truly, “A Change of Heart Can Change the World.”

What is left is that we try.

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