Recorded Trance Sessions

How to Be Included in a Channeled Session 

As an experienced and respected clairaudient trance channel, Lori’s actual sessions are recorded in an analog version and convey the energy from the Spiritual Teachers and their important lessons.


When you listen to a recorded session her mediumship puts you in the midst of the high frequency energies necessary to receive this information. You can experience the same energy felt by those who are physically present at the session.


Channeled session, channeling Ascended Masters by Lori Toye, I AM America


Healing Energy


These subtle energies have power that can activate your own spiritual development and is similar to a form of shaktipat – a psychic energy transmitted directly from teacher to student. It is healing at many levels: mental, emotional and spiritual. It prepares your consciousness for enlightenment by adjusting your human energy system (the kundalini).


Surprisingly, the subtle energy conveyed by listening to tape-recorded analog sessions retains the refined waves of metaphysical energy in its original form. MP3’s of the session can give you insightful information and knowledge, but they do not transmit the energies that are important for a person’s spiritual development because they are recorded into a binary format. This dilutes the energy while an analog version contains the full-bodied, original energy.


When listening to a tape it is best to find a quiet place and time and be advised that it should not be listened to in your car.


You will find a large collection of recorded lessons and may pick the titles that you feel contain the information you wish to understand and work with. Make your selections at the I AM America bookstore and begin your journey with Lori now.





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