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Spiritual Teachings by the I AM America Ascended Masters including Violet Flame decrees by Lori Toye, I AM America

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Spiritual Lineage of the Violet Flame

The teachings of the Violet Flame, as taught in the work of I AM America, come through the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, Kuan Yin. She holds the feminine aspects of the Flame, which are compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and peace. Her work with the Violet Flame is well documented in the history of Ascended Master Teachings, and it is said that the altar of the etheric Temple of Mercy holds the Flame in a lotus cup. She became Saint Germain’s teacher of the Sacred Fire in the inner realms, and he carried the masculine aspect of the Flame into human activity through purification, alchemy, and transmutation. One of the best means to attract the beneficent activities of the Violet Flame is through the use of decrees and invocation. However, you can meditate upon and visualize the Flame and receive its transmuting energies like “the light of a thousand suns,” radiant and vibrant as the first day that the Elohim Arcturus and Diana drew it forth from our solar Sun at the Creation of the Earth. Whatever form, each time you use the Violet Flame, these two Master Teachers hold you in the loving arms of its action and power.

Following is an invocation for the Violet Flame to be used at sunrise or sunset. It is utilized while experiencing the visible change of night to day, and day to night. In fact, if you observe the horizon at these times, you will witness light transitioning from pinks to blues, and then a subtle violet strip adorns the sky. We have used this invocation for years in varying scenes and circumstances, overlooking lakes, rivers, mountaintops, deserts and prairies, in huddled traffic and busy streets, with groups of students or sitting with a friend, but more commonly alone in our home or office, with a glint of soft light streaming from a window. The result is always the same: a calm, centering force of stillness.

We call it the Space.

Invocation of the Violet Flame for Sunrise and Sunset

I invoke the Violet Flame to come forth in the name of I AM

That I AM,

To the Creative Force of all the realms of all the Universes, the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End,

To the Great Cosmic Beings and Torch Bearers of all the realms of all the Universes,

And the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Breath, Sound and Light, who honor this Violet Flame that comes forth from the Ray of Divine Love—the Pink Ray, and the Ray of Divine Will—the Blue Ray of all Eternal Truths.

I invoke the Violet Flame to come forth in the name of I AM That I AM!

Mighty Violet Flame, Stream forth from the Heart of the Central Logos, the Mighty Great Central Sun! Stream in, through, and around me.

(Then insert other prayers and/or decrees for the Violet Flame.)

Awakening Prayer
This prayer was given by Ascended Masters Saint Germain and Kuthumi to assist the Cellular Awakening of humanity. It can be said in groups, spoken individually, and used in meditation. This prayer was first introduced to over 200 people at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado, 1990:
Great Light of Divine Wisdom,
Stream forth to my being,
And through your right use
Let me serve mankind and the planet.
Love, from the Heart of God.
Radiate my being with the presence of the Christ
That I walk the path of truth.
Great source of creation.
Empower my being,
my brother,
my sister,
and my planet
with perfection
As we collectively awaken as ONE cell.
I call forth the Cellular Awakening.
Let wisdom, love, and power stream forth to this cell,
This cell that we all share.
Great spark of creation awaken the Divine Plan of Perfection.
So we may share the ONE perfected cell,

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