The time is now

In 1992 we published the first version of New World Atlas, Volume One, that would later become Book One of the New World Wisdom Series. Since that time, we have seen many Earth Changes, and gratefully, nothing like what we originally thought could be possible. It is important, however, to remember that while the most extreme changes have yet to occur, that some of the events prophesied and explained by the Spiritual Teachers have transpired and many are occurring now, such as global warming, climate change, and extreme weather. Climate scientists point the finger at trapped heat radiating from our Earth en route to space, held by the long-lived gases of water vapor (clouds and precipitation), carbon dioxide (mostly caused by the burning of fossil fuels), nitrous oxide (caused by certain agricultural practices), and chlorofluorocarbons (gases from refrigerants and aerosols). Some politicians argue that the Earth is experiencing a natural warming trend that may be explained by our Sun’s irradiance—the energy emitted by the Sun. The holistic perspective of the Spiritual Teachers of the I AM America material does not point fingers of blame, but understands the esoteric law of how human consciousness plays a pivotal role in creation, both individually and globally. A distillation of this philosophy affirms that, “Group consciousness creates climate.” From this notion, we can understand that our individual consciousness is not a cause, but rather results in stagnation and destruction of the whole when we choose to do nothing to change our individual movements to affect the dance of group consciousness.

This Co-creative viewpoint, while seemingly simplistic, is not. There are some lightworkers that believe that the Earth Changes probabilities have been entirely transmuted through positive thinking and consciousness shift, and that the prophecies are no longer valid. I wholeheartedly agree that both of these qualities are tremendously helpful, both personally and collectively, however I find this viewpoint naive. First, the length of this period of tremendous change is not carved in stone. According to the Spiritual Teachers, it could be as short as seven years or as long as seven hundred. At times it may seem that this cycle is passive and other times strong and forceful. The mature understanding is that prophecy is likened to a constant, perpetual warning, and that we hone our spiritual development and insight so we are continuously open, awake, astute, and aware during this important Time of Change. In straightforward terms, Earth’s cautionary yellow light is continuously blinking.

The reality is that change is upon us, and no amount of fairy dust will alter this fact. Since the late ’80s we have witnessed tremendous changes in our global social structures and economies. Socially we enjoy technological connection, but we often feel even more separate and alone. During the Great Recession, as worldwide currencies lost value, the cost of housing swelled, spiked, and then collapsed, and this has become an insidious pattern. The volatility of this market further bred economic inequality, with eight percent of the world’s population holding 82 percent of our global wealth. Today our culture is undoubtedly more polarized and complex than ever, with record numbers of whole populations displaced through conflict or violence. We have experienced the 9-11 terrorist attack, Hurricane Katrina, the continued flooding of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers with extreme weather events, and the melting of Earth’s ice caps and glaciers alongside the rise of the Internet and use of wireless technology, continuous consumerism, even the mapping of the human genome. And what used to be considered fringe, conspiracy-based theories, now appear to contain wide-eyed truths: Monsanto and GMOs, Chemtrails, Black Budgets, the Corporatocracy. Today the idea of UFOs almost seems conservative.

Through this complex, convoluted time of tipping past almost every point of no return, where are we heading—individually and globally? Can we make a difference, or for that matter, in this world of continuous fragmentation and ecological imbalance, should we even try? The Spiritual Teachers of these three books who prophesied these difficult times know differently. Through their ancient accounts of humanity’s history on Earth, a provenance that seems to date back not thousands but hundreds of thousands of years, we’ve been here before. Our elder brothers and sisters, who obviously know every twist and turn of the human condition, offer their best advice: it is time for our spiritual growth and evolution.

The Time of Change is Now!

Lori Toye

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