Golden City Community


In the Spring of 2016 our small group of Wenima Community members celebrated the end of a long due diligence and detailed legal entitlement phase that secured over 300 acres of land. This land is now held in stewardship by our founding group that adjoins the Wenima Wildlife Area where the waters of the Little Colorado flow among wild roses and walnut trees.

Our vision includes building disaster-resistant homes with exclusive designs based on the principles of prototype feng shui. Physical landscapes create and calibrate levels of human consciousness, and our homes are designed to establish sacred spaces that promote leadership, vision, nurturing, healing, creativity, and protection. We will also offer low-carbon footprint homes that place an emphasis on sustainability and grid-free living among organic gardens and orchards with hiking paths. Most importantly, our community is located in the sanction of the beautiful Star of Gobean, a spiritual site of the Masters’ vision of HU-man transformation, harmony, and peace.

If you are interested in joining us, we want to hear from you.  

Wenima Valley, near Springerville, Arizona

Wenima Valley, near Springerville, Arizona

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