Energies Impacting Earth

What would you ask an Ascended Master? In this live call with interviewer Wendy Garrett, Lori Toye discusses  cellular awakening, ascension, thinking with the heart, working with the  Violet Flame and the new energies impacting us at this pivotal point in  Earth’s  history. 

Earth Changes and the New Normal

In this interview Lori Toye with radio interviewer Richard Dugan explores the Time of Change and the impact this will have on Earth. Extreme weather events, wildfires, and warming oceans mark our entrance into Earth Changes. Lori shares her experiences in her book, “Sisters of the Flame."

Lori Toye with Joe Rumbolo

Joe Rumbolo host on “Healing the Universe” interviews Lori Toye about  her new book, “A Teacher Appears.” Topics include spiritual growth and  development, the Ascended Masters, and Earth Changes. 

Lori Toye with Karen Hager

Karen Hager, host of “Out of the Fog,” interviews author Lori Toye about her personal spiritual journey and the subtleties and nuances in her work as a clairaudient trance-channel. Topics in this engaging  interview include how to tune into the I AM Presence, HU-man  Consciousness, Golden Age.

Lori Toye with Richard Dugan

Host  Richard Dugan interviews Lori Toye about how she began to receive  messages from Spiritual Teachers in “A Teacher Appears,” on the radio  show “Tell Me Your Story.”

Lori Toye with Wendy Garrett

Host Wendy Garrett of Conscious Living Radio interviews Lori Toye about her book, “A Teacher Appears.” 

A Teacher Appears

This is Chapter 27 – a selection from the audiobook “A Teacher Appears.”  This selection explains gardening techniques of the future alongside  the lesson of the ever-bearing spiritual seed. Two spiritual teachers  speak: Saint Germain and Euclid.