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Fields of Light, and introduction to the Ascended Masters by Lori Toye

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Lori Toye of I AM America and the I AM America Earth Changes Map

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Ever Present Now contains Earth Changes prophecies from Earth Changes Maps, Lori Toye, I AM America

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Ever Present Now by Lori Toye, I AM America

I AM America Earth Changes Maps featured in the New York Times Magazine     I AM America Earth Changes Map by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaESTABLISHED IN 1989, I AM America is a small company that publishes and distributes some of the most thought-provoking spiritual information you’ll encounter. Its Earth Changes Prophecy material is controversial and mind expanding, yet, like all prophecy—from ancient times to the present—its ideal purpose is to illuminate the role of our choices in creating the world we experience. Much has changed since 1989 when Earth Changes Prophecy channel Lori Toye and her children first rolled I AM America Maps at their kitchen table. Since her first extraordinary dream of the Map in 1983, as revealed by the Ascended Masters who visited Lori, their prophetic message of change has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, The New York Times, Art Bell and London’s Carlton Television. Don’t let the name I AM America intimidate you. It is still just Lori and her husband Len, alongside a small yet dedicated staff of volunteers who print and bind books, record audios, and mail maps. As always, we are earnestly working to, “Send this message to the Earth with love.”