One-on-One and Group Study of the I AM America Spiritual Teachings

The Laboratory of Self

 Since 2013 we have offered an I AM America Teachings program through study and discussion sessions applying the time honored Socratic Method. If you have read any I AM America Teachings, you may be familiar with this educational style – the preferred method of most Spiritual Teachers. It is a straightforward approach based on routine questions and answers. Seemingly humble, this method is exceptional as it intentionally rouses both the critical mind and the intuition. Sometimes the answers seem like scattered bread crumbs, but through diligence and patience, this process deliberately leads the student on the spiritual journey of vital personal experience and the gift of introspective self-knowledge. Saint Germain often refers to this as the, "Laboratory of Self," that functions beyond our individual beliefs.

You can study the I AM America Teachings in many different ways. Some choose to deepen their spiritual growth and practice through one or two Introductory Courses. If you prefer a more intense study, we offer a four year program for certified I AM America Teachers. This program includes one-on-one mentoring, group study, unique seminar training, and travel to Golden Cities that includes complete instruction in the spiritual practices and devotions of the Ascended Master Tradition. In fact, in 2018 the first class of I AM America Teachers will graduate from this program! Some have been studying for five years.

Classes are held telephonically in one-on-one sessions, and group discussion environments with other Ascended Master students. Advanced training is also offered in Payson, Arizona, and at various Golden City locations. Lori and Lenard Toye have nearly thirty years of experience with the I AM America Teachings and passionately enjoy sharing the Masters’ message that continues to spiritually transform and lead students on the path of self-knowledge, Spiritual Freedom, self-mastery, and Ascension.


Below is a sampling of both Introductory and Advanced I AM America Teachings programs.


Introductory Classes


Class One

Class One focuses on the teachings contained in “A Teacher Appears.” Topics include: the I AM Presence, Ascended Masters, use of Decrees and Mantras, Earth Changes and the New Times, Meditation and Visualization techniques, introduction to Rays and Ray Forces, and the use of the Violet Flame. Textbook required: A Teacher Appears. 6 sessions

Class Two

Class Two gives a complete overview of the teachings encompassed in “Sisters of the Flame.” Topics include: the Angelic Host, Chakras and Light Bodies, the Christ Consciousness, Cellular Awakening, Awakening the Feminine, Ascension, the Fourth Dimension, and Cultivation of the Violet Flame, plus numerous Meditation and Visualization techniques. Textbook required: Sisters of the Flame. 6 session

Class Three

Class Three is a comprehensive overview of “The Ever Present Now.” The spiritual teachings of this module include: the Golden Age, Kali-Yuga, the Oral Tradition, Prophecy and Prediction, an introduction to the Golden Cities, the Seven Rays of Light and Sound, Meditation and Decree techniques. Textbook required: The Ever Present Now. 4 sessions

Class Four

Class Four covers the lessons presented in “Fields of Light.” Topics covered: Geometric language, Time Compaction, Spiritual Metabolism and breath, Earth’s light bodies, introduction to the “HUE,” the Eight-sided Cell of Perfection, the Rays and their relationship to Earth’s light bodies, Fiat and Decree, historical narratives of the Seven Rays of Light and Sound, Perfection and Innate Divinity, the I AM Rhythmic Breath, purification of food, the Light Bodies of Ascension, Star seed and the Atma Karaka, the Seven Chakras and their relationship to color and breath, an introduction to Spiritual Migration to a Golden City, Unity Consciousness and the ONE. Textbook required: Fields of Light. 6 sessions.

I AM America Advanced Teachings

I AM America Advanced teaching concentrates on a blend of spiritual knowledge offered in the New World Wisdom Series and the Golden City Series. Completion of any combination of two introductory modules is required in order to enroll in an I AM America advanced course. 


New World Wisdom Book One: This advanced course focuses on the prophecies of the I AM America Map and its many prophecies of change. An emphasis will be placed on The Twelve Jurisdictions, twelve fundamental laws and virtues that guide human consciousness into the New Times. Required textbooks: I AM America Atlas, New World Wisdom: Book One. 8 sessions

New World Wisdom Book Two: We will study complex prophecies and their relationship to Oneness and the One in this advanced course. An emphasis will be placed on the spiritual infrastructure and its relationship to the New Earth as Freedom Star. The relationship of human consciousness and prophecy is deeply explored, along with the importance of our Divine Mother – Babajeran – and the opening to the feminine energies. An emphasis is placed on the movement from fear into healing, the group mind, developing the Inner Garden, and “BE-ing.” The second half of this course focuses on the prophecies associated with the Six Map Scenario, and the indelible connection of Earth Changes and the Time of Change to human consciousness. Required textbooks: I AM America Atlas and New World Wisdom, Book One. 6 to 8 sessions.

Points of Perception: The first advanced Golden City Course offers teachings about Vortices and the Golden City Vortex, Prophecies of Peace, the Unfed Flame, Golden City Activations, introduction to Shamballa, the Seven Hermetic Principles, the Step-down Transformer, Devas and Elementals, the Golden City Grid, Golden City Gateways (Doorways), Golden City Structure, Ascended Master biographies, Ray Forces and Golden Cities, the Law of Octaves, Subjective Energy Bodies, the Closure Ceremony, and the Ceremonies and rituals of Shamballa. Required textbook, Points of Perception. 8 sessions

Light of Awakening: The second advanced Golden City Course features teachings about the Use of Ray Forces, Ray Systems, Bija-seed Mantras, Rays and the Seven Traditional Planets, advanced teachings on the Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection, Golden City Symbolism, Human Energy Systems and the Seven Rays, the Human Aura, the Chakra System and the Seven Rays, flow of the Rays through the Human Body, Write and Burn techniques, Re-structuring Beliefs, Advanced Golden City Activations, Spiritual Migration through the Golden Cities, Spiritual Initiation through the Golden Cities, introduction to personal Ray Forces, Golden City Mantras, and the Lineage of Shamballa to the Golden Cities. Required textbook, Light of Awakening, plus advanced astrological chart print-out. 8 sessions.

Divine Destiny: The third advanced Golden City Course shares spiritual teachings on Group Mind, the Great Triangle of Solomon, the Thirteen Evolutionary Pyramids of the Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection, the Twelve Evolution Points, Ascension through the Five Pillars of the Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection, Spiritual Evolution through the Five Branches of the Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection, Symbolism of the Great Sun Disk, the Lineage of Manus, the Map of the Ancients, Ameru and the Right-Hand Path, the Golden Age of Kali-Yuga, developing True Memory, Descending and Ascending Cycles of Light, the Violet Flame Breath, and the Seventh Manu – the New Children. Required textbook, Divine Destiny; required reading, The Twelve Jurisdictions from New World Wisdom, Volume One. 8 sessions.

Advanced Courses are offered for New World Wisdom: Book Three, Sacred Energies of the Golden Cities, Building the Seamless Garment, Temples of Consciousness, Lighting the Heart, and Soul Alchemy. Ancillary study to include: Beginning Jyotish: The Nine Grahas and the Twelve Bhavas, Energy Balancing Lab One, Energy Balancing Lab Two, Recognizing and Identifying Golden City Energies, Golden City Spiritual Migration.


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