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Author of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mystic

Author of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mystic

Author of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mysticAuthor of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mysticAuthor of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mystic


Golden Cities and the Masters of Shamballa

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About Lori Toye



Author and mystic Lori Toye has written seventeen books and published four Earth Changes maps dealing with the Time of Change, geographic and weather changes - Earth Changes, and how we can respond to these changes to create peace and harmony and advance our own spiritual growth and self-development. “This is our role now, to create and prepare for the Golden Age.” Toye says.

Her latest book, "Golden Cities and the Masters of Shamballa," offers lessons with exact instructions on building the New Shamballa, that is, the Golden Grid of Light that holds and contains the Golden Cities. This book holds the long-kept secrets of the Masters of Shamballa and is your next step on the spiritual path to Ascension. Through the Adjutant Points, lei-lines, and magical portals described in this book, you will learn about the growth of HU-man Consciousness and gain entrance into the once guarded knowledge of Master Teachers who aspire for humanity’s freedom. 

Toye also created the first Earth Changes Map, the I AM America Map, in 1989 (see above) delineating possible future changes to the Earth’s geography, as well as the I AM America Atlas, that features a full color compilation of all of the I AM America Maps. “Nothing is static, everything is always changing,” according to Toye. The way we embrace the changes is of vital importance. To live in peace and harmony and experience personal growth and self-development is the aim of her work. 

Lori lives her calling and has fostered a mentoring program that embraces the teachings she has published, the I AM America Spiritual Teachings. This transformative information is based on nearly thirty years of published sessions with the Ascended Masters.


She recently completed an autobiographical trilogy that includes: A Teacher Appears, Sisters of the Flame, and Fields of Light. These works are personal and tell the story of an incredible spiritual journey from her simple beginnings as an Idaho farm wife and member of the Lutheran church to the respected mystic she is today. 

She lives in Arizona with her husband and spiritual partner, Lenard Toye and together they are preparing to build a Golden City community, a place for spiritual development and safety in times of social, political, and cultural turmoil alongside the ongoing Earth Changes.


I AM America Publishing

Lori Toye founded a small publishing company in August of 1989 and was later joined by her husband Lenard Toye a year later to officially form I AM America Publishing and Distributing. In their early years together Lori and Len traveled extensively throughout the United States lecturing and sharing many of the unique teachings, compiled from recorded trance sessions with Spiritual Teachers. In 1992 the couple moved their small business to Payson, Arizona, located at the foot of the majestic Mogollon Rim in the Golden City of Gobean. I AM America Publishing is well known for the best-selling I AM America Earth Changes Maps, which introduced spiritual teachings of prophecy and the Time of Change. This initial work was published more than twenty-five years ago before public awareness of the serious environmental issues of Global Warming and Climate Change. 

I AM America publications have been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, London’s Carlton Television, Art Bell’s Dreamland, George Noory’s Coast to Coast, in the Washington Post and the New York Times


The I AM America Teachings

The I AM America Teachings are based on voice-received recorded trance sessions that are subsequently transcribed, and then minimally edited for reader comprehension. Since this information is based on intimate lectures with various Spiritual Teachers, it is presented in the time-honored Socratic Method. This is the process of asking and answering questions related to the spiritual topics. This is purposely intended to rouse both the critical mind and the intuition. Sometimes the answers seem like bread crumbs, but deliberately lead the student on the trail of vital personal experience and introspective self-knowledge. Saint Germain often reminds his students, “Do not believe anything that I say . . . take it unto the laboratory of self.” 

All of the I AM America books contain detailed indexing and crucial glossaries that help you to navigate and understand the language of the New Times. The Golden City Series features extensive chapter-by-chapter comparative research that deepens and illustrates contemporary spiritual terms for those interested in non-biblical prophecy, the upcoming changes, the New Times, and self-mastery alongside the Ascension Process.


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