e-Books by Lori Adaile Toye

A Teacher Appears: An Introduction to the Ascended Masters of the I AM America Teachings


Are you a student who is ready for a teacher? If so, then welcome to A Teacher Appears. As a twenty-two-year-old sales rep in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, Lori Toye had never even thought about meditation, let alone asking spirit teachers for help. But all that changed in 1983 when she got a middle-of-the-night bedside “visit” from Master Saint Germain, an eighteenth-century Frenchman and “Ascended Master” . . . who later returned with four of his friends—teachers in white robes who presented a map of America with a new geography, along with a message: it is time for worldwide healing. Despite her questions and doubts, Lori surrendered to their requests and began disseminating their wisdom and messages—the earliest of which are published for the first time in A Teacher Appears. Why is it helpful to get information from spirit entities? How and why should we change? We’ve noticed the drama going on in our weather, on the planet, in our culture. What is that about? What about manifesting money; what about fear, social disharmony, and my excruciating headaches? What am I doing here, how can I prepare for my future, and why on earth would spirit entities need my help? Lori asked these questions and many more. A Teacher Appears offers fifty-one small but simple channeled lessons about Earth Change and humanity’s opportunity to open to and accept the I AM Presence—your individualized presence of God. All it requires is inspiration, appreciation, love, and a good teacher.

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Aparece Un Maestro: Una presentación a los Maestros Ascendidos de las Enseñanzas de YO SOY América


Spanish Edition

Translation by Cristina Casanova Hausmann

 ¿Eres un estudiante listo para un maestro? Si es así, entonces bienvenido a Aparece Un Maestro.

Con  veintidós años y representante de ventas de un pequeño pueblo en el  Pacífico Noroeste, Lori Toye nunca pensó en meditar, y menos aun en  pedir ayuda a maestros espirituales. Pero todo cambió en 1983 cuando a  mitad de la noche recibió una “visita” del Maestro Saint Germain, un  francés del siglo XVIII y “Maestro Ascendido”… que más adelante volvió  con cuatro amigos, maestros vestidos con túnica blanca que presentaron  el mapa de América con una nueva geografía, y con un mensaje: ha llegado  la hora de la sanación mundial. A pesar de sus preguntas y de sus  dudas, Lori se rindió a la petición de los maestros y empezó a difundir  su sabiduría y mensajes – los primeros de los cuales se publicaron por  primera vez en Aparece Un Maestro.

¿Por qué es útil obtener  información de entidades espirituales? ¿Cómo y por qué debemos cambiar?   Hemos visto tragedias debido al clima, en el planeta, en nuestra  cultura. ¿Por qué? ¿Cómo se manifiesta el dinero; qué pasa cuando hay  miedo, por qué la desarmonía social, y mis insoportables dolores de  cabeza? Lori se hace estas preguntas y muchas más.

Aparece Un  Maestro ofrece cincuenta y una enseñanzas canalizadas sobre los Cambios  de la Tierra y sobre la oportunidad de la humanidad en abrirse y aceptar  el YO SOY Presencia – tu presencia individualizada de Dios. Todo lo que  requiere es inspiración, agradecimiento, amor y un buen maestro.

Lori  Toye es conocida por su éxito como autora de los Mapas de los Cambios  de la Tierra de YO SOY América, que presentan enseñanzas espirituales de  profecías y de la Época del Cambio. Sus primeros trabajos fueron  publicados  hace más de veinte años, antes de que se entrara en  conciencia  de los graves problemas ambientales del Calentamiento Global  y Cambio Climático. El trabajo de Lori ha aparecido en NBC, FOX, UPN,  London’s Carlton Television, en el Washington Post y en The New York  Times. 

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Sisters of the Flame: An Introduction to the Ascended Masters of the I AM America Teachings


Imagine  sitting around a kitchen table with a small group of women friends asking compassionate Master Teachers— Saint Germain, Kuthumi,  Sananda,  Kuan Yin, Mary, and others absolutely anything you wanted . . .  and  getting detailed answers.
Join such a group of women, affectionately  named by Master Saint Germain the “Sisters of the Flame.”  Read  transcripts of their question and answer sessions—sessions that  took  place over the course of many long, hot summer evenings while the   crickets sang and air conditioners hummed in the small town of Asotin,   Washington. These spiritual teachings focus on the important lessons of   Love, Emotion, and the Awakening. Learn about the Angels who serve  each  of us. Enjoy clear explanations about the roles of minds, bodies,   chakras, and sounds. Do you have questions about freewill, collective   thought, and cooperation? Here are answers. What about personality and   the ONE; fear and safety; science, technology, and healing; Christ and   Anti-Christ? Or are you more concerned about jobs, relationships, smoking, or Bigfoot? From the transcendent to the mundane, to the personal and quirky, the lessons in Sisters of the Flame   provide everyone with a questioning mind and concerns about our future   information to help us welcome what many of us perceive to be   cataclysmic times. No, say the Masters, it is not a time for despair.   Instead, consider it to be a monumental opportunity in this school room   we call Earth—an opportunity to become our highest selves. Through Sisters of the Flame, you will learn how.

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Fields of Light: An Introduction to the Ascended Masters of the I AM America Teachings


Who are you? Can you really know in an objective way? And how can you grow and change in a healthy way—a way that becomes healing to those around you and our beautiful ailing planet?  

In this third book of the I AM America trilogy, mystic Lori Toye blends her entertaining personal love story (with mystic Lenard Toye) and the teachings of Ascended Masters, spirit beings dedicated to helping humanity. Saint Germain, her first Master, visited Lori unbidden and proceeded to school her—giving her visions of a new Earth with altered land and water formations as well as the possibilities of changing, averting the very prophecies of devastation he was sharing.

If you want to know who you are, learn from Saint Germain and his colleagues how the universe mirrors back to us our own thoughts so we can learn discernment, the power of choice, and rewarding responsibility. In twenty lessons you will take a journey to freedom and an experience of perfection and the higher love of a developed soul. Learn acceptance, detachment, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Each lesson from the Spiritual Masters develops and reinforces the inner quest for spiritual expansion—the liberation process better known in these teachings as Ascension. Learn to benefit from challenging partnerships, deal with the inevitable results of our choices, resolve seemingly unsolvable problems, and connect with spirit and the higher realms to find solace, love, resolution, and finally your inner fields of light.  

“The world is in need of your light and your love,” says Saint Germain. “Come forth in your light and expand to all around you.”  

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The Ever Present Now: A New Understanding of Consciousness and Prophecy


With her bestselling I AM America Maps, Lori Toye has led and inspired thousands to understand the ongoing "Time of Change" - a period in Earth's history of tumultuous change in society, culture, and politics in tandem with individual and collective spiritual awakenings and transformations. These events occur simultaneously with the possibilities of massive global warming, climatic changes, and worldwide seismic and volcanic activity - Earth Changes. The "Ever Present Now," is a compilation of insights notes, and articles that contain simple reasoning, current anecdotes, in-depth research, and esoteric spiritual teachings. Predictions are for doomsayers, but the nuanced perspective of Prophecy, is carefully explained by well-known mystic and founder of I AM America - Lori Toye - through Prophecy's inherent gift of hidden metaphor and its power to guide and change people in unpredictable times. "The Ever Present Now" is a new way of enlightened thinking and understanding - a valuable skill-set for the current times. Learn how collective consciousness can morph and reshape drastic Earth Changes through the Seven Rays of Light and Sound and the Ascended Masters' network of Golden City Vortices. Familiarize yourself with the Fourth Dimension and the evolution of Unity Consciousness and personal transcendence - the Ascension Process. The "Time of Change" is now!  

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New World Wisdom, Teachings from the Ascended Masters, Book One


Can we transform our tumultuous society? Is it even possible to save our ailing planet? Yes, say the teachings in this book—channeled wisdom from a team of Ascended Masters, one of whom made his presence known to the young mother and mystic Lori Toye when she least expected it and could do little about it. It took decades to channel, transcribe, and publish the prophecies and counsel in this book, and even more time—and a second revised printing—for Toye to understand the meaning of the material: Prophecies are not predictions! Such messages are both metaphorical and literal. They are warnings with solutions to avoid what is prophesied. The chapters in this book contain information that explains how human consciousness has the ability to change and transform, and how this microcosmic effect literally extends—guiding social and cultural values, physically reshaping the planet’s weather, sensitive ecosystems, and geography.

Yes, we can change—by accepting our spiritual virtue and innate goodness; by learning to consciously cultivate the Twelve Jurisdictions, shared by the spiritual teachers; by engaging in our own personal Ascension process. The Spiritual Teachers who contributed their Wisdom call this process the “BE-Coming.” Be. Come. Add your effort to engender the growth of a new global, cultural consciousness—the Golden Age. (Formerly New World Atlas, Volume One)  

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