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I AM America Videos

If you would like to learn more about I AM America and its diverse message of Earth Changes, Ascended Master Teaching, the Golden Cities, and Spiritual Awakening, enjoy the videos featured below. There are also many more videos you can view at the I AM America Videos YouTube Channel.

The Ever Present Now

There was a time, when things were slower, more peaceful. At least, it  seemed that way. It wasn't perfect, but it was easier to unplug from  the world as we know it today. And now . . . we are experiencing a Time of Change – A Time of Testing. 

The Inner Awakening

The Awakening Prayer assists the Great Awakening of humanity. This is an introduction with Lori Toye.

Golden City Vortices

Lori Toye shares information about the Golden Cities and introduces the Five Golden Cities of the United States.

Uncovering the Hidden Language of Spiritual Connection

Lori Toye shares information about the Ascended Masters.

Earth Climate Changes Psychic Prophecy

For well over 20 years Lori Toye's prophetic wisdom and insight has led   the contemporary Earth Changes movement and explored its relationship  to human consciousness. Her work continues to enlighten and inform those  who seek the truth as to the spiritual, cultural, social and climatic  breakdown we are experiencing due to what is happening now on our  planet.

Earth Changes Map Progressions with Lori Toye

This segment from Paranormal Borderline discloses the prophesied  progression of Earth Changes events of the I AM America Map:  the I AM  America 6-Map Scenario Map. Safe areas of the I AM America Map are  revealed.  

Ancient Prophecies

Lori and Lenard Toye share the story of the Ascended Masters' I AM America Map, its creation, and prophecies of Earth Changes. 

Lori Toye and the I AM America Map

Lori Toye with Jeanine Ford (Arizona 12 News, Phoenix). Lori Toye  describes the Earth Changes Prophecies, the Golden Cities and the  renowned I AM America Map she received from the Ascended Masters.