New Releases and Book Titles by Lori Adaile Toye

I AM America Atlas: Based on the Maps, Prophecies, and Teachings of the Ascended Masters

Contains all of the I AM America Maps!

How can we navigate the prophesied troubled times ahead? Perhaps by seeing them—literally and metaphorically. A lot has changed since the first presentation of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps almost thirty years ago, and perhaps we have required that time to fully appreciate what they offer: a look into our possible future, and through contemplation of the literal pictures—land masses, cities, and roads—the opportunity to understand how beliefs create thoughts, that create actions, that create reality. So how can we best create a healthy, humane alternative to the prophesied disaster pictured in this book—changes that the scientific community now acknowledges (global warming) and we are witnessing firsthand as hurricanes and earthquakes besiege us? The I Am America Atlas offers perhaps one of the best anthologies of Earth Changes Maps ever produced. In the decades since each Map was received by mystic Lori Toye, our insight has matured. We encourage you to contemplate these Maps. What do they mean to you? How do these pictures arise? What insights arise when you entertain the notion that changing ourselves will change our environment? What are the changes you long to embody? What can you do right now to begin your transformation—and the subsequent transformation of our future maps?  

Lori Toye is known for the best-selling I AM America Earth Changes Maps, which introduced spiritual teachings of prophecy and the Time of Change. Her initial work was published more than twenty years ago before public awareness of the serious environmental issues of Global Warming and Climate Change. Lori’s work has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, London’s Carlton Television, in the Washington Post and the New York Times. 108 pages.

  • ISBN: 9781880050248 
  • Full Color Paperback
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  • Spanish Version Coming Soon

Building the Seamless Garment: Revealing the Secret Teachings of Ascension and the Golden Cities

Is there a way to master our individual thoughts, feelings, and actions, thereby balancing our inevitable negative and positive karmas? Can we get out of the loop of incarnation-death-reincarnation? Can we conceive of something beyond both the incarnate and the spirit body?  According to the channeled teachings of Masters Saint Germain and El Morya, the answer to all these questions is “Yes.”  The lessons in this book focus on the hidden teachings of Ascension—the spiritual and mental processes and the spiritual techniques that can free us from the confines of the need to reincarnate.  

After a conventional Christian upbringing, Lori Toye had her life rocked when she was visited by a spiritual Master, who went on to become her teacher. Over the course of more than thirty years, she has been given information that she shares with others who similarly long to know esoteric truth. In Building the Seamless Garment (the literal growth to final liberation from the reincarnation cycle), Lori and her husband, Len, share detailed soul-freeing techniques and spiritual disciplines for ordinary people who are driven by a longing for Ascension and the dedication to try.  

This material is a living text—as alive as you are. Read and reread these words in order to fully comprehend their enlightening message as you begin the soul-transcending journey of building your light bodies of eternal freedom and Ascension.  

284 pages, includes detailed glossary and index.

  • ISBN: 9781880050101 
  • Paperback
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Books by Lori Adaile Toye

Freedom Star Book

The Power of Prophecy has always been held in the Power of Interpretation. The Oracles of Delphi were surrounded by five interpreters who gave their insights on each prophecy. Native American prophets traditionally utilized one or several steadfast translators to share their messages and Ancient Hebrew Prophets never allowed prophecy to be heard unless if it was scrutinized three times. In all cases of ancient prophecies, it was extremely rare for the prophet to interpret or to publicly share the gift of prophecy. In this rare and unique booklet, Lori Adaile Toye honors the ancient tradition of interpreting prophecy. Acting as prophet, translator and interpreter, she utilizes the Ancient Threefold Technique for the Ascended Masters World Earth Changes Map, Freedom Star. Freedom Star contains extremely detailed and stunning information for the Americas, Europe, Africa, Japan, Asia and Australia. This book contains concise literal descriptions of prophesied events and a pull-out 8 1/2 x 14, Earth Changes Map of the World. 

A Teacher Appears

Are you a student who is ready for a teacher? If so, then welcome to A Teacher Appears. As a twenty-two-year-old sales rep in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, Lori Toye had never even thought about meditation, let alone asking spirit teachers for help. But all that changed in 1983 when she got a middle-of-the-night bedside “visit” from Master Saint Germain, an eighteenth-century Frenchman and “Ascended Master” . . . who later returned with four of his friends—teachers in white robes who presented a map of America with a new geography, along with a message: it is time for worldwide healing. Despite her questions and doubts, Lori surrendered to their requests and began disseminating their wisdom and messages—the earliest of which are published for the first time in A Teacher Appears. Why is it helpful to get information from spirit entities? How and why should we change? We’ve noticed the drama going on in our weather, on the planet, in our culture. What is that about? What about manifesting money; what about fear, social disharmony, and my excruciating headaches? What am I doing here, how can I prepare for my future, and why on earth would spirit entities need my help? Lori asked these questions and many more. A Teacher Appears offers fifty-one small but simple channeled lessons about Earth Change and humanity’s opportunity to open to and accept the I AM Presence—your individualized presence of God. All it requires is inspiration, appreciation, love, and a good teacher.

  • ISBN: 9781880050446 
  • Paperback, e-book, Audiobook
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Spanish Version Available (e-book)

Sisters of the Flame

Imagine  sitting around a kitchen table with a small group of women friends asking compassionate Master Teachers— Saint Germain, Kuthumi,  Sananda,  Kuan Yin, Mary, and others absolutely anything you wanted . . .  and  getting detailed answers.
Join such a group of women, affectionately  named by Master Saint Germain the “Sisters of the Flame.”  Read  transcripts of their question and answer sessions—sessions that  took  place over the course of many long, hot summer evenings while the   crickets sang and air conditioners hummed in the small town of Asotin,   Washington. These spiritual teachings focus on the important lessons of   Love, Emotion, and the Awakening. Learn about the Angels who serve  each  of us. Enjoy clear explanations about the roles of minds, bodies,   chakras, and sounds. Do you have questions about freewill, collective   thought, and cooperation? Here are answers. What about personality and   the ONE; fear and safety; science, technology, and healing; Christ and   Anti-Christ? Or are you more concerned about jobs, relationships, smoking, or Bigfoot? From the transcendent to the mundane, to the personal and quirky, the lessons in Sisters of the Flame   provide everyone with a questioning mind and concerns about our future   information to help us welcome what many of us perceive to be   cataclysmic times. No, say the Masters, it is not a time for despair.   Instead, consider it to be a monumental opportunity in this school room   we call Earth—an opportunity to become our highest selves. Through Sisters of the Flame, you will learn how.

  • ISBN: 9781880050262 
  • Paperback, e-book, Audiobook
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Fields of Light

Who are you? Can you really know in an objective way? And how can you grow and change in a healthy way—a way that becomes healing to those around you and our beautiful ailing planet?  

In this third book of the I AM America trilogy, mystic Lori Toye blends her entertaining personal love story (with mystic Lenard Toye) and the teachings of Ascended Masters, spirit beings dedicated to helping humanity. Saint Germain, her first Master, visited Lori unbidden and proceeded to school her—giving her visions of a new Earth with altered land and water formations as well as the possibilities of changing, averting the very prophecies of devastation he was sharing.

If you want to know who you are, learn from Saint Germain and his colleagues how the universe mirrors back to us our own thoughts so we can learn discernment, the power of choice, and rewarding responsibility. In twenty lessons you will take a journey to freedom and an experience of perfection and the higher love of a developed soul. Learn acceptance, detachment, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Each lesson from the Spiritual Masters develops and reinforces the inner quest for spiritual expansion—the liberation process better known in these teachings as Ascension. Learn to benefit from challenging partnerships, deal with the inevitable results of our choices, resolve seemingly unsolvable problems, and connect with spirit and the higher realms to find solace, love, resolution, and finally your inner fields of light.  

“The world is in need of your light and your love,” says Saint Germain. “Come forth in your light and expand to all around you.”  

  • ISBN: 9781880050613 
  • Paperback, e-book
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Ever Present Now: A New Understanding of Consciousness and Prophecy

With her bestselling I AM America Maps, Lori Toye has led and inspired thousands to understand the ongoing "Time of Change" - a period in Earth's history of tumultuous change in society, culture, and politics in tandem with individual and collective spiritual awakenings and transformations. These events occur simultaneously with the possibilities of massive global warming, climatic changes, and worldwide seismic and volcanic activity - Earth Changes. The "Ever Present Now," is a compilation of insights notes, and articles that contain simple reasoning, current anecdotes, in-depth research, and esoteric spiritual teachings. Predictions are for doomsayers, but the nuanced perspective of Prophecy, is carefully explained by well-known mystic and founder of I AM America - Lori Toye - through Prophecy's inherent gift of hidden metaphor and its power to guide and change people in unpredictable times. "The Ever Present Now" is a new way of enlightened thinking and understanding - a valuable skill-set for the current times. Learn how collective consciousness can morph and reshape drastic Earth Changes through the Seven Rays of Light and Sound and the Ascended Masters' network of Golden City Vortices. Familiarize yourself with the Fourth Dimension and the evolution of Unity Consciousness and personal transcendence - the Ascension Process. The "Time of Change" is now!  

  • ISBN: 9781880050507 
  • Paperback, e-book, Audiobook
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

New World Wisdom, Teachings from the Ascended Masters, Book One

Can we transform our tumultuous society? Is it even possible to save our ailing planet? Yes, say the teachings in this book—channeled wisdom from a team of Ascended Masters, one of whom made his presence known to the young mother and mystic Lori Toye when she least expected it and could do little about it. It took decades to channel, transcribe, and publish the prophecies and counsel in this book, and even more time—and a second revised printing—for Toye to understand the meaning of the material: Prophecies are not predictions! Such messages are both metaphorical and literal. They are warnings with solutions to avoid what is prophesied. The chapters in this book contain information that explains how human consciousness has the ability to change and transform, and how this microcosmic effect literally extends—guiding social and cultural values, physically reshaping the planet’s weather, sensitive ecosystems, and geography.

Yes, we can change—by accepting our spiritual virtue and innate goodness; by learning to consciously cultivate the Twelve Jurisdictions, shared by the spiritual teachers; by engaging in our own personal Ascension process. The Spiritual Teachers who contributed their Wisdom call this process the “BE-Coming.” Be. Come. Add your effort to engender the growth of a new global, cultural consciousness—the Golden Age. (Formerly New World Atlas, Volume One)  

  • ISBN: 9781880050538 
  • Paperback, e-book
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

. . . more books by Lori Adaile Toye

New World Wisdom, Teachings from the Ascended Masters, Book Two

To keep your light hidden at this time is indeed almost a criminal activity,” says the Spiritual Teacher Saint Germain in this channeled book of wisdom, warnings, and prophecies. What are the consequences of choosing ego attractions and aversion over those that come from your heart? Why should we choose heart over ego? How can we tell the difference? Through intimate lectures, Saint Germain, Sananda (Christ), Mother Mary, and Kuan Yin delineate not only the steps to “transfiguration” (when we transform ourselves into beings who function from a place of enlightenment), but they lay out the consequences to Earth and our sensitive environments if we do nothing. In vivid detail, we see a world where land masses have turned into oceans and continents divide. Through Mystic Lori Toye, we hear about a future that has already begun – due to global warming and climatic change. But what beyond use of fossil fuels causes this future? What thought patterns and consequent actions are directing us to behave as we do? This and more is clarified in this second book of a series of three in the New World Wisdom Series.  Book Two of the New World Wisdom Series contains the prophecies for Japan, China, Australia, and India. This new revision also contains updated prophecies for the United States through the 6-Map Scenario – six possible Earth Changes scenarios, based upon the insight of the Spiritual Teachers and Earth’s potential and possibility for catastrophic change predicated through human collective consciousness.  (Formerly New World Atlas, Volume Two)   

  • ISBN: 9781880050668
  • Paperback
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

New World Wisdom, Teachings from the Ascended Masters, Book Three

New World Wisdom offers a hopeful message: Human consciousness plays a pivotal role in creation, both individually and globally. In other words, “Group consciousness creates climate.” The Ascended Masters’ teachings in this book, channeled by Lori and Lenard Toye, clarify this, emphasizing that our individual consciousness is not a cause of what is going on, but rather will result in stagnation and destruction of the whole if we choose to do nothing to change our individual movements to affect the dance of group consciousness.  

According to the teachings of Ascended Masters, we are in a “Time of Change”—a period of tumult in world societies, environments, climates, cultures, and politics. The good news is that all this upset comes in tandem with individual and collective spiritual awakenings and transformations. These will occur simultaneously with a literally shifting terrain; there will be new lands and oceans. We can experience these changes with fear and loathing, or we can choose to become part of them—literally changing the way we think and behave toward ourselves, each other, and the planet. To do this, we must choose self-knowledge and acknowledgment of the existence of the true self and the consciousness of the ONE—Unana.  

By sharing the New World Wisdom, we can begin to consciously change, and by doing so, change the group consciousness. Throughout this complex, convoluted time of tipping past almost every point of no return, we most definitely can choose to make a difference. The Spiritual Teachers in this book offer their best advice: it is time for our spiritual growth and evolution.  

  • ISBN: 9781880050699 
  • Paperback
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Points of Perception: Prophecies and Teachings of Saint Germain

In this time of massive upheaval and transition—through weather and Earth Changes, with governments crashing and new ones being born—is it possible that the words from Genesis, “And it was very good” still apply?  

Yes, says Saint Germain, an Ascended Master channeled by a gentle and amazing mystic named Lori Toye. Yes!

Learn why what appears to be chaos is actually the beginning of a new harmony and why disasters are necessary. Learn how devastation is an invitation to humanity’s new life of love and service. It augurs a time to release guilt and enter into an evolution of consciousness and new creation and new levels of life itself. Learn about Golden Cities—real places with a pivotal role in the prophesied Time of Change.

For people who are new to New Consciousness thinking as well as people who have been studying metaphysics for years, the teachings in Points of Perception offer personal instruction. Included in the book are a detailed study guide and glossary featuring contemporary terms, language, and definitions for those who are interested in non-biblical prophecy, the upcoming changes, the New Times, and self-mastery alongside the Ascension Process.  

  • ISBN: 9781880050576 
  • Paperback
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Light of Awakening: Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters

In the year 2000, our planet was flooded by light—albeit extrasensory light that you may or may not believe was sensed by extra-sensed people, one of whom is mystic and author Lori Toye. What cannot be disputed is that there have since been massive disruptions of the social, political, and economic systems that continue today. According to leading scientists, our Earth is experiencing climatic and extreme weather events, geologic change, severe damaging earthquakes, comet and asteroid sightings, and continuous magnetic pole shift—Earth Changes. The same scientists, analysts, economists, and spiritual leaders agree that more drastic change is approaching.  In Light of Awakening, Lori Toye, channeling wisdom from Ascended Masters, chronicles the critical passage of humanity’s evolution into the New Times—a time that is aligned with the hope of Unana (Unity Consciousness) alongside polarizing wars and worldwide economic calamity. Spiritual teachers claim this prophesied period of large-scale difficulty is reference to the return of Christ as the Christ Consciousness. This second book of the Golden City Series reveals the spiritual lineage that predates Christianity through the Egyptian King Akhenaton (1388 BC) and his association to the Mayan Christ figure, Quetzalcoatl.  

Through Toye, the Master Teachers describe prehistoric cataclysms which shaped contemporary occult schools and their spiritual traditions. They connected prophesied Golden Cities to Shamballa, the fabled city of Buddhist lore, which lights the New Grid of Earth. Learn how these sanctuaries expand our psychic energy and increase spiritual awareness to enable us to transcend the destructive End Times.  

The steady radiance of Love, Wisdom, and Power that twinkles, glows, flames, and blazes throughout Ascended Master Teaching is known as the classic Seven Rays of Light and Sound. The teachings in this book begin with the metaphoric flicker of the light of a single candle, and end in the brilliant luminosity of a thousand suns: the Light of Awakening.  

  • ISBN: 9781880050583 
  • Paperback
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Divine Destiny: Prophecies and Teachings of the Ascended Masters

Have you ever wondered about Atlantis, or the lost continent of Mu, or the lands of Lemuria? What united the ancient people of Earth, and what led them into terrible, divisive wars that depleted their economies and inevitably led to their demise? Divine Destiny presents the lands of our myths and legends, with the geologic science that corroborates the prophecies and spiritual teachings of the Ascended Masters.  

Lori Toye is best known for the I AM America Maps of Earth Changes, however, in 1999 she was contacted by Lord Macaw—an ancient tribal leader within the Toltec nation of Ameru—and given a compelling map of Ancient Earth: The Map of the Ancients. The map depicts another time on earth, when men were spiritually realized as divine beings (the HU-man) through the Quetzalcoatl (Christ) energies, and the great kingdoms of Rama, Mu, and Lemuria flourished. Divine Destiny shares spiritual teachings from Lemuria that are grounded in the foundational teachings of the lost Thirteenth School and the Right-Hand Path (the right use of energies), and their traditions and spiritual wisdom which were re-established in the New World after world-wide cataclysmic Earth Change. Divine Destiny assists humanity’s passage through 2012 and the critical years ahead, with important insight regarding humanity’s upcoming shift in consciousness.  

This book—the third volume of the Golden Cities series—continues the vital instruction regarding the use of the Golden Cities (the prophesied New Jerusalem) and their role in achieving spiritual initiation through the Ascension Process.  

  • ISBN: 9781880050606 
  • Paperback
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Sacred Energies of the Golden Cites

A Guidebook to Right Now—our incredibly turbulent times, our “Time of Testing”  

The channeled lectures and study lessons in Sacred Energies tell us exactly what is going on—the big picture—and how to benefit from it: How to perceive it in a way that helps us grow and become our best, loving selves, and how, by appreciating the transcendent nature of what may feel scary and horrible, perhaps we may even experience gratitude.  

Take heart:  

“As the polarity of politics subsides and humanity begins to cultivate and achieve the Christ Consciousness, we enter the neutral point. This neutral point is described as unity and Oneship and ushers in a new period for humanity; poverty is removed as true abundance reigns on Earth.”  

And, according to channeled Ascended Master Saint Germain, “When darkness seems to produce an all-time low, it is also the greatest opportunity for light.”  

“Sacred Energies” features an in-depth study regarding the metaphysics of the Golden Cities – real locations where our spiritual growth can be expedited during the ongoing Time of Change.  

  • ISBN: 9781880050224 
  • Paperback
  • Available at the I AM America Bookstore (link below),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.