Holy Himalayas, 1934, Nicolas Roerich

Ascended Masters

The Ascended Master and the Spiritual Hierarchy

An Ascended Master is a person who has gone through  the human evolutionary process and has become liberated (ascension) from the need to  reincarnate in a physical body on Earth. Since Ascended Masters do not  need to return to the Earth Plane, they are free from duality and the  “wheel of karma.” Their evolution continues in other dimensions, or  lokas of experience. Often, they take on students (chelas) still  learning in the physical plane and become their Master Teachers. Masters  continue to have Master Teachers and their teachers also have teachers.  Ascended Master Jesus, who is also known as Lord Sananda in his  ascended state, and Kuan Yin, the Ascended Master and Bodhisattva of  Compassion, are two of Master Saint Germain’s teachers. This educational  and spiritual lineage is the oldest on the planet and predates all of  the world religions.

Hindu classifications of stages of spiritual advancement are  documented in the Upanishads. They are: Siddha (perfected being);  Jivanmukta (freed while living); Paramukta (Supremely Free – full power  over death). Often, when an ascended being takes on a physical body to  bring blessings to the world, he or she is known as an Avatar. The proof  of this perfected free body is that it often casts no shadow or makes  no footprints. Such Masters never appear in the gross public and have  the power to become invisible. It is said that Saint Germain often takes  the form of a beggar or old woman and is identified by wearing a piece  of violet-purple clothing. Sananda once said that he is not limited by  form of any kind, therefore he may take on any form or appearance  necessary for the task at hand.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, sometimes referred to as  The Great White (Light) Lodge, is a fraternity of men and women,  composed of Ascended Masters and their students dedicated to the  universal spiritual upliftment of humanity. Their chief desire is to  preserve the lost teachings and spirit of the ancient religions and  philosophies of the world. They are also pledged to protect against  systematic assaults against individual and group freedoms that inhibit  the growth of self-knowledge, development, and personal choice. And,  most importantly, their mission is to re-awaken the dormant ethical and  spiritual spark that has almost disappeared among the masses. 

Illustration above: Holy Himalayas, 1934, Nicolas Roerich.