Reading with Lori Toye

LORI TOYE PERIODICALLY OFFERS ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS that apply the ancient science of India, Jyotish. Jyotish (pronounced Joe-teesh) is the traditional astrology of India. Throughout time, many forms of astrology have existed all over the world, and it is likely that Western astrology was adapted from earlier Egyptian and Babylonian cultures. But Eastern Indian astrology is very unique. Since India is a culture that has maintained its continuity from ancient times, uninfluenced by the monotheistic religions of Islam and Christianity, a more comprehensive astrology has survived. Lori chose to study Jyotish because it is an ancient knowledge directly related to Ascended Master Teachings. Sri Yuteswar, who is the well-known Master Teacher of Paramahansa Yogananda, was an adept Jyotishi and a student from the educational lineage of Himalayan Avatar Master Babaji.

Known as the “Science of Light,” Jyotish is also the intricate personal science of the Seven Rays of Light and Sound. The Grahas (graha is Sanskrit for planet) weave a web of light and sound upon us at the moment of our first breath into our earthly bodies. Under the spell of this web of illusion, we are prisoners and held captive in the field of actions, bound to cycles of rebirth, karma (action) and dharma (purpose).

Jyotish was given to humanity before consciousness fell into the dark cycle of time, Kali Yuga. Its origin is traced to the Vedic Rishi and seer Parashara Shakti and his great work, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Through understanding and applying this profound system, we reintegrate and master the light and sound of the Grahas, and their cup pours spiritual light that illumines our life’s journey to spiritual freedom and Ascension.

Jyotish is based upon the Sidereal Zodiac, which corresponds to actual constellations and the fixed locations of the stars in the sky. Its Zodiac also orients to a central galactic sun, known as the Galactic Center and it takes approximately 25,000 years for Earth to make a full circuit. The famed psychic Edgar Cayce used a sidereal system and predicted that it would prevail over time. According to American Hindu author David Frawley, C.M.D., “Vedic astrology has existed for over many thousands of years. A number of changes of equinoctial positions similar to our Age of Aquarius and similar shifts in the calendar have been recorded in it. The Vedic system and its zodiac are based upon a continuity of culture that goes back to the Age of the Gods when human beings still had communication with the intelligence of the cosmos.”

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