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The idea of the end times is nothing new. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce  is well-known for his Earth Changes Prophecies, fifteenth century  Nostradamus’ predicted yet another World War in our contemporary times,  the biblical Book of Revelations is filled with prophetic disaster, and  the Mayan Calendar prophesies the end of one cosmic cycle as another  begins. However, perhaps one of the most compelling illustrations of  what the end, or rather what the beginning could look like is the I AM America Map.

The I AM America Map  is a one-of-a-kind. When it was first published in 1989 there was  nothing like it, in fact, its depiction of a geologically changed United  States was startling. Most of California and the Pacific Northwest are  under the Pacific Ocean; Florida and the East Coast are partially  submerged; and the United States is almost cut in half, with a large bay  submerging New Orleans and the Mississippi River over a hundred miles  wide. Geologists raised eyebrows; skeptics chuckled, “Yeah, right,” but a  small group embraced the vision not only as possibility, but  probability. This band of survivalists and spiritual-seekers alike would  form the nexus of a new group of philosophic thought: the Earth Change Movement.

“The Map,” as it is now known was inspired by a dream-like vision received in 1983 by Lori Toye,  a farmer’s wife and then a stay-at-home mom with three small children.  In the dream she encountered four spiritual beings in white robes. And  they unrolled the ethereal image which was mystifying, startling, and  surprisingly promised a future of positive change. Five years later Lori  had received more detailed Earth Changes information and she and her  partner built a full-scale model of the Earth Changes Map and began to  talk to groups about her experience and the prophecies of the ethereal  teachers—Ascended Masters.

The information was not all doom-and-gloom. In fact, while it was  apparent there would be economic, social, and political changes that we  would likely endure, the Earth and humanity would simultaneously  experience a tipping-point, both environmental and spiritual. Most  importantly, the information was explicit that our individual choices  and consciousness would make a difference. Prophecy is not carved in  stone; in fact, according to the Spiritual Masters the world we  experience is always changing and morphing according to personal and  collective levels of spiritual engagement.

As the Earth Changes Movement evolved, two distinct opinions  developed. The first concludes that Earth Changes are not necessary, and  with the proper attitude and actions, devastation will be circumvented  and through intentional actions, communal healing and prayer, an Age of  Peace and prosperity for the Earth and humanity will reign. The second  is in stark juxtaposition, and perceives the necessity of Earth Change  to cleanse and purify the Earth and humanity’s current state of  self-destruction. The I AM America Map uniquely  embraces both positions and the unspoken but ubiquitous truth of a new,  collective myth: we are living in a time of unparalleled change.

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