Golden Cities

Golden City Vortex

 A Golden City Vortex – based on the Ascended Masters’ I AM America  material – are prophesied areas of safety and spiritual energies during  the Times of Changes. Covering an expanse of land and air space, these  sacred energy sites span more than 400 kilometers (270 miles) in  diameter, with a vertical height of 400 kilometers (250 miles). Golden  City Vortices, more importantly, reach beyond terrestrial significance  and into the ethereal realm. This system of safe harbors acts as a group  or universal mind within our galaxy, connecting information seamlessly  and instantly with other beings. The Master Teachers call this  phenomenon the Galactic Web.

Fifty-one Golden City Vortices are stationed throughout the world,  and each carries a different meaning, a combination of Ray Forces, and a  Divine Purpose. Some are older than others; some Vortices are new; and  some shift locations. The activation of Golden City Vortices occurs in  patterns – that’s the crux of the numbering system. The Master Teachers  call Earth Beloved Babajeran.

Although the Masters, as a group, oversee all Golden Cities, each  Master stewards his or her own Vortex. A Golden City Vortex works on the  principles of electromagnetism and geology. Vortices tend to appear  near fault lines, possibly serving as conduits of inner-earth movement  to terra firma. The Gobean Vortex near the fissure-filled Mogollon Rim  of Arizona; the Malton Vortex of the Midwest, adjacent to the New Madrid  fault line; and the Shalahah Vortex of Idaho, an ancient cleft near the  Snake River and Hells Canyon, lend credibility to this theory.

Geology has a profound effect on the potency of a Vortex. Not  surprising, the five Golden City Vortices rest on areas of highly  magnetic geologic formations. The iron-rich content of basalt pillars  and ancient-lava deposit serve as natural conductors of electromagnetic  energy; igneous rocks, according to geologic data, create more magnetic  pull than sedimentary rocks. That’s why Gobean exudes so much energy.  Landmarks – such as Mount Baldy in Arizona, the apex of the Southwestern  Vortex, and the Golden City Vortex of Shalahah – are filled with basalt  and iron-rich rocks.

Water also drives the disbursement of Vortex energies. The Gobean  Vortex sits atop the largest aquifer in the Southwest. Shalahah, too,  surrounded by three, huge freshwater lakes near Coeur d’Alene and  Pend’Oreille, Idaho, and Flathead Lake in Montana, draws power from  water.

Visitors to Golden Cities experience spiritual and psychic  development – they feel a heightened sense of balance, harmony, and  peace. Natural places of meditation, connection with spirit guides, and  contact with past-life experiences. Vortices can instantly align the  human energy field (aura). During your first stay in a Vortex, you may  sleep more while your body adjusts to powerful energies. As you  acclimate, you’ll undergo a rejuvenation of the body and the spirit.  After the shock subsides, many Vortex-seeking pilgrims will engage in  prayer and group ceremonies with friends and spiritual mentors,  awakening deep connections among fellow humans.

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Golden City Structure

Golden City Structure