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Author of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mystic

Author of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mystic

Author of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mysticAuthor of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mysticAuthor of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps, Spiritual Teacher and mystic


I AM America Prophecies

There are literally thousands of prophecies featured in the I AM America material. Numerous prophecies focus on Earth Changes and we used this information to create the I AM America Maps.  However, many of the prophecies address the upcoming New Times and  offer spiritual insight for personal evolution and spiritual growth.  Perhaps the best place to start unraveling the mystery of prophecy is to  first learn about its cultural and social etymology. For this purpose, I  offer an excerpt from Fields of Light. Following this excerpt is a chapter from The Ever Present Now that defines the subtle, but important difference between prediction and prophecy. 

 I also offer this guideline regarding the I AM America information. For prophecies of spiritual growth and development, read the I AM America Trilogy. This information focuses on personal spiritual practice, the Cellular Awakening,  and the Ascension Process. For information about Earth Changes  Prophecies and the connection between the ongoing changes and  consciousness read the New World Wisdom Series and I AM America Atlas. To further understand the Ascension Process, the cultural and social shift into the New Times, and the science of the Golden Cities read any or all books in the Golden City Series. (Points of Perception, Light of Awakening, Divine Destiny and Sacred Energies.) Here is the first excerpt, “Prophets and Prophecy” followed by “Prophecy is Not Prediction.” 


Prophets and Prophecy

(Excerpted from The Law of ONE, from Fields of Light by Lori Toye.)

“On my previous trip to Philadelphia, I’d had a few moments to explore a bookstore where I had bought a used copy of the book, “The Ancient Aramaic Prayer of Jesus,”  by Rocco Errico. I was captivated by his research of ancient Hebrew  Prophets who, according to Errico, would never translate a Prophecy’s  meaning with one simple literal interpretation. Instead, the Prophecy  was analyzed three times: literally, metaphorically, and mystically.  This is called a “Mitzrah” tradition. The Jews use this to reapply  ancient interpretations to modern-day events.

After this process, the Prophecy was taught and applied for spiritual  insight and knowledge. This method not only intrigued me, but made  practical sense. I applied this method to the World Map Prophecies and  decided to write about my new interpretation of the I AM America  prophecies. This would be published as a small book to accompany the  World Map.

I introduced the first pages of the World Map Prophecies book  with definitions of “Prophecy” and “prophesy;” the spelling dependent  on whether you use the word as a noun or a verb. Even though I was  raised in a traditional Christian home, had two years of formal  catechism, learned traditional prophecies, and had presented the I AM  America prophecies professionally for over two years, I was still  confused regarding specific word usage. I consulted an old dictionary  that listed the differences.

Here are formal definitions from my 1937 Webster’s Dictionary:

Prophesy: (prof ’ e si) verb, 1. To speak as a  mediator between God and man or in God’s stead. 2. To teach religious  subjects or material.

When you use the word “prophesy,” that is the act of speaking or teaching while receiving this type of spiritual information.

Prophecy: (prof ’ e si) noun, 1. Divinely inspired  utterance. 2. Utterance under the inspiring influence of religious  experience. 3. Inspired declaration or revelation of the divine will  including moral teaching by warning, consoling, exhorting, giving an  example of fellowship with God and the like.

The word “Prophecy” is not so much the actual act of speaking the  information, it defines the actual information that is given. So for the  most part, the I AM America Map and transcripts are indeed prophecies.

And just so you know, here is the definition of Prophet.

Prophet: (prof ’ it) noun, 1. One who speaks for  another, especially for God. An inspired revealer, interpreter, or  spokesman. One whose office it is to deliver a message. 2. A preacher  who is distinguished from a priest.

I don’t consider myself a Prophet, but I do consider the Ascended  Masters prophets – especially Saint Germain. In fact, they are not shy  about this at all and have stated this fact, albeit in esoteric terms.

About twenty years ago, Saint Germain had ended one of his teaching sessions with this phrase, spoken in an angelic tongue: Om Manaya Pitaya Hitaka.  I had never heard this terminology before, and had wondered what it  meant. We once asked Saint Germain, in a channeled session, about its  meaning, and he said we could interpret it as “I AM the Light of God.”  The word “Hitaka” is yet another angelic utterance that means, “So Be  It.” This is similar to the western word “amen.”

I never thought about it again until about twelve years later. I was participating in a traditional Hindu ceremony known as Navagraha Puja.  The puja is a fire ceremony performed by a Brahmin priest. The priest  chants in perfect Sanskrit to invoke the nine classical planets of our  solar system: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn,  including the Moon’s Nodes, Rahu and Ketu. This ceremony is to remove  the negative karmas that we may suffer, as predicted through our  astrological charts. The Navagraha Puja blesses the planets, and  increases benefic results from their energies.

During the ceremony, I heard the priest often repeat the partial phrase I had heard before from Saint Germain: Manaya Pitaya. Although I’m unsure of its spelling in Sanskrit, I noticed the same pronunciation used by the Hindu priest: Maw nae’ uh Puh tie’ yuh.  After the ceremony, I asked the priest the meaning of the phrase. He  scratched his chin for a moment, and translated the phrase into English,  “the seer of the Lord.” So the phrase Om Manaya Pitaya also means: “I AM the Seer of the Lord.”

I questioned just what to title the new World Map. I’d been  researching other Ascended Master teaching traditions and discovered a  wonderful anthology of teachings compiled by Tellis Papastavro, “The Gnosis and the Law.”  Those teachings are apparently from a well-known Ascended Master  channel, Geraldine Innocente, who led the formation of the “Bridge to  Freedom,” from the mid-1940s to 1961.

Those earlier teachings from El Morya, Saint Germain, and other  Ascended Beings referred to Earth, in its ascended states, as “Freedom  Star.”

After several personal sessions with Saint Germain, he agreed that  this was appropriate for the prophetic map. So the world map of Earth  Changes was christened, Freedom Star World Map, and I named the new booklet of interpreted prophecies Freedom Star.  Through this process, I felt a vital spiritual shift within myself,  including a shift in how I viewed the I AM America Prophecies.

At the end of that booklet, I condensed new insights. I offer this summary:

  1. The Earth and humanity are ONE physiology: a light and energy system  that cannot be disconnected. Our lives comprise many sensitive systems  that are interrelated and Co-created through an underlying metaphysical  hologram of thought, feeling, and action.
  2. Every individual thought, feeling, desire, and action creates a  Collective Consciousness. Collective Consciousness influences the  outcome of events, and is projected through communal effort in prayer  and meditation. This can change a cataclysmic hurricane into a gentle  summer rain.
  3. If you live with fear, you will create fear. If you live with love, you will create love.
  4. We are living in a Time of Change. This period is evidenced by  tremendous changes in our society, cultures, and world politics, in  tandem with individual and collective spiritual awakenings and  transformations. These events occur simultaneously, with the  possibilities of massive global warming, climactic changes, and seismic  and volcanic activity – Earth Changes.
  5. Our positive inner change and transformation help to change society,  governments, and the environment. Our conscious choices influence the  possibility of Earth Changes, and can change, ameliorate, or avert  cataclysm. The three monikers of positive shift are: choice, change, and  consciousness.
  6. This is an important time on Earth. The time is now!”

Excerpt from Fields of Light, by Lori Toye. For more information on the interpretative aspect of prophecy, see Freedom Star Booklet

Saint Germain by Susan Boulet

Saint Germain by Susan Boulet

Prophecy Is Not Prediction

(Excerpted from The Ever Present Now by Lori Toye.)

“In Hindu culture, when a teacher wants to place the emphasis on an  important point, the information is repeated three times. I imagine this  is done so that the message is forever imbedded in the student’s  memory. With this intention, I’ll make this statement: “Prophecy is not  prediction. Prophecy is not prediction. Prophecy is not prediction.”

Now that we have that out of the way, you’re probably asking, “Why?”  Western culture does not and maybe has never understood the difference  between Prophecy and prediction.

When examining Western culture from a spiritual perspective, one  easily leaps to the conclusion that we are a material society. Just look  at the array of smart-phones, luxury cars, and ATMs on every street  corner. Our “toys” are our measure of success and comfort, and this  value system can and does stop spiritual growth and evolution. But, it  is not really our obsession with materiality that blocks the view.

Rather, it is our mind. It is the way that we see things. The Masters call it “The Point of Perception.”

Remember the iconic story of the three blind men hanging on to the  elephant? Since each is in a different position, each defines the  elephant according to the piece he’s touching—different from the other  two blind men. When we are dealing with something as dramatic and  looming as Earth Changes Prophecy, we similarly see things according to  whatever small piece we are hanging onto—which may be different from  what another person perceives.

When people first encounter an I AM America Map, they either love it  or hate it. Those who love it feel hopeful and happy that a New Time is  coming. Those who hate it simply don’t believe it, and sometimes point  out that the map is geographically impossible. Over time, I have learned  whether someone loves or hates the map, or thinks it is possible or  impossible is not important. The map is a powerful metaphor of spiritual  teachings, and therefore it releases the purifying, redemptive, and  transformative experiential results of Prophecy—subtle yet extremely  important.

Western culture’s point of perception is extremely literal. We are  over-identified with what we can only touch, see, smell, or hear, and  unless we have scientific, empirical evidence, it doesn’t exist. So why  even deal with Prophecy? If “they” can’t take it and make it into a  date, a time, a correlation, a fact, a possible prediction, what good is  it? But this thinking misses so much!

As I stated above, Prophecy is experiential. Throughout the years  I’ve witnessed many people experiencing the tampering spiritual fires of  Prophecy. Prophecy evokes fear and anxiety; the idea of losing anything  we are attached to is horrifying. However, Native Americans encourage  the process evoked by Prophecy—the letting go of the unessential— as  purification. The visions and dreams of their prophets were the signals  to do so and, through this process, their culture, their way of life,  and their connectedness to Mother Earth were restored. Eastern Indian  Rishis heard the voice of the unconscious, and their position in their  community as prophets and visionaries was considered invaluable. Once  established on the spiritual path of listening to the inner-voice of  wisdom, Prince Siddhartha, who later became known as the Buddha, denied  an ego-voice that prodded him to: “Go back to the pleasures you have  left behind.” It was then that he declared that a philosophic “middle  way” was the way one could be redeemed from illusion and experience  unity. The Hopis say that humanity must “walk in balance,” to prevent  our world from experiencing calamity.

We westerners are fortunate to have one well-known body of spiritual  teaching that could be classified as Prophecy: the Book of Revelations.  When I was a little girl growing up in rural Idaho, we would listen to  the radio every morning during breakfast. There was a program that came  on before the news called The Voice of Prophecy. It was very evangelical and even my mother, who loves Christianity and is a devoted

Lutheran, would roll her eyes when the show’s song, which sounded  much like a Sousa March and was sung by a barbershop Mitch Miller sort  of trio, began, “Ring out the trumpet, and long live the King. Jesus is  coming again . . .” None of us ever believed it. In Sunday school, I  liked the idea that someday Heaven on Earth would come—but why did we  have to fight the battle of Armageddon to achieve this?

Today, through the help and example of our Native American and  Eastern Brothers and Sisters, I can see that Prophecy helps us to  address the spiritual battle that is often waged within ourselves  through the birth of our conscience and the redemptive power in our  choice. Prophecy is truly the balance that blends human fate with free  will. This occurs through Prophecy’s physical, emotional, mental, and  spiritual prodding, that inevitably initiates a reevaluation of our  current choices. Again, the Master Teachers say that we have a choice  how to react to Prophecy—through whatever “Point of Perception” we  choose.

And so Prophecy is not prediction. Prediction is a declaration about  the future; Prophecy, however, addresses possibility and the potential  for change. One quick and easy way to tell the difference between  Prophecy and prediction is that Prophecy always gives a way out, a  solution so to speak, of what to do to avoid catastrophe. It’s like the  option clause in a business contract that allows you to reconsider a  major purchase after twenty-four hours: the door that miraculously opens  in the eleventh hour; the inner voice that tells you to turn left  instead of right on your way home, thus avoiding a traffic accident. In a

Prophecy, the end result may be conveyed, not fated—if the urging and  prompting of Prophecy are heeded—and the results are transformative.

So don’t get hung up on dates, earthquakes, shifting plates, and  volcanic explosions. That’s just the drama of the story to get you to  change. The story is dramatic so that you won’t forget it, so that it is  imbedded in your memory. Prophecy is not prediction! Get the point?”

Blessed Soul, 1924, Nicolas Roerich

Blessed Soul, 1924, Nicolas Roerich